Chyme Stimart

I was referred to the program at Southwest Tech by my high school guidance counselor and it was the perfect fit for me. I got to do what I enjoyed doing every day, which afforded me the job opportunity at Southwest Tech the week after I graduated.

I have many wonderful memories of Southwest Tech. I worked with the bowling team at Southwest Tech and can remember going to Eau Claire for competition. Another wonderful memory is meeting my husband, another student at the college, while I was employed and then having the good fortune to have daycare onsite at Southwest Tech, back as far as 1981. It was a wonderful benefit to bring my three daughters to daycare where I worked.

The years at Southwest Tech have been an embracement of growth and satisfaction. I treasure all the employees at the college both retired and currently employed.  They make such a difference in students’ lives.

I am coming upon the 40th year of my employment at Southwest Tech and what a wonderful accomplishment that means to me.