Dianne Evans

Dianne Evans knew Southwest Tech was a special place the day she came to campus to seek out an instructor she was planning to meet with. “I was on campus and was approached by a woman who asked if I needed help finding someone. I told her who I was looking for and she took the time to walk me to the instructor’s office.  I later found out it was the President of the College, Karen Knox. I was really impressed by that!”

Dianne had already earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees before she enrolled in the Supervisory Management program. She talked about how caring her instructor, Charlie Draheim was and how everyone at the college really strived to ensure that all the students were successful. “The faculty and staff take time to figure out what your barriers are – in my case I had a full-time job. They would call and check on me to see how my classes were going. I really felt like they genuinely wanted me to succeed.”

Dianne is semi-retired but says she uses her degree all the time while working with people. “Southwest Tech is a truly wonderful institution. It’s easy to see why the college is the number one two-year college in Wisconsin.”