Greg Novinksa

I would like to congratulate SWTC for simply being there. To provide an education to anyone that desires to take that next life step. I remember when SWTC first came to Fennimore and the “campus” being spread-out in any empty building or office space in the community. My how you have grown! Grown into one of the top educational institutions in the country, a well-deserved honor! An honor that all of the faculty, past and present should be proud of.

The impact that SWTC had on my career was to this point the single most significant contributing factor. I completely changed fields from sales to nursing. I have learned many new skills but most importantly, empathy. My instructors stressed being able to look at issues from the patient’s point of view. Not only is that significant in nursing, but life in general. It has made me a better listener and manager throughout my career. Thank you Shirley B and Shirley H (F)

Congratulations once again!