Harriet Copus

As the front receptionist and a part of the front office at Southwest Wisconsin Technical College for 20 years, I was privileged to meet, greet, and answer calls, and enjoy the instructional and administrative staff from the state and beyond.

It was exciting and gratifying to watch the growth of the college from the early years. I’m proud of these 50 years we are now able to celebrate and to feel a part of it.

I’m thankful for being a part of the Foundation living tree program. The tree was planted for me on the campus with the stone honoring my years of service. The theme, “together we will plant a future,” was well named. May the college always remember the theme – as together they will plant the future.

I was always treated with respect and care and always included with special events. I am still being remembered and included and I appreciate that. I will continue to be thankful and proud of the years spent at Southwest Wisconsin Technical College; the lives I touched and they touched mine. It’s like family.

Thank you Southwest Tech for allowing me these wonderful years!