Jamie Braudt

I chose Southwest Tech because it was close to home and had a good reputation in the automotive technician profession. Southwest Tech made a world of difference in my life. Not only did it give me the education and technical skills to become an automotive technician, but it also provided me with the skill set and passion to become a business owner in the community my wife and I grew up in. I have been able to make a better life for my family and become financially secure due to my education and opportunities at SWTC. I even encouraged my step son to enter into the same program which resulted in him doing so and eventually graduating in 2012. I developed friendships and had excellent mentors during my time at SWTC, I still maintain some of these relationships today. I also enjoy participating on the Advisory Council for the Automotive Technicians at Southwest Tech. As a business owner in both Fennimore and Boscobel, it gives me an opportunity to provide feedback to the instructors on how to help students prepare for workforce reality.