John Adler

After graduating from Southwest Tech with a welding diploma in 1975 John began his career with a Wisconsin construction company and then went on to work at a farm implement and later the manufacturing of electrical motors.

Over the course of about 20 years of working with electrical motors he utilized carbon arc welding, soldering and of course arc and mig welding for maintenance purposes. John expanded his knowledge by learning Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering, allowing him opportunities in Iowa, Utah, Texas and Wisconsin.

During the nineties John spent time as an entrepreneur and ventured into business as an auctioneer and licensed real estate broker. Later John was able to obtain his Bachelor’s degree while working as Plant Manager and relocating companies to Mexico, the US and China.

In 2007 he established an import company which worked with US and Foreign companies on manufacturing a wide variety of products that included stampings, castings and molded components. This company flourished for several years, however after five years John once again ventured back into manufacturing.

As time progressed, John and his wife  decided to move farther south (less winter) and that brought them to Texas. “I found a company that needed help with manufacturing processes and became the Plant Manager of Beltec Industries. We fabricate augers for ground drilling and do a considerable amount of metal fabrication and welding. We are growing rapidly and are adding a 14,000 square foot addition and hiring additional staff. We are also investing in capital equipment and diversifying into different product lines.” John said he plans to finish his career with the company.