Kevin Curran

Kevin has always felt at home at Southwest Tech. He first attended the college for the CNA program but found himself returning when it was time to further his education.  “I chose to enter the IT-Network Communications program. I loved working with computers, but it wasn’t fun once computers became a job. I remembered taking an accounting class in high school and thought I would give the accounting program a try.” Kevin is quick to credit all the individuals that helped him through school. “Connie Larson was instrumental in helping me change my classes around to start a new program, the Financial Aid staff gave me the skills and confidence I needed to succeed and Sheila Marten encouraged me to make plans for the future and define my professional goals before graduating.”

Kevin landed his dream job in public accounting within a few months of graduation at O’Connor, Brooks & Co., P.C. It was there that he felt like he was able to give back to Southwest Tech by reaching out to his connections at the college to find a students that would be a good fit, just like they had done for him as a student.

As Kevin approached five years in the field he looked back at his goals and knew it was time to continue his education.  “I left Southwest Tech with the goal to start working towards my bachelor’s degree within 5 years. When that 5 year mark was coming, I told myself I wouldn’t sacrifice any more time and came back to Southwest Tech to continue my education.” Kevin was able to take several classes and then transfer all of his credits to Franklin University, saving him time and money. Kevin worked full-time while going to school part-time for five years. In his final year, Kevin learned that both of his parents were diagnosed with cancer. Kevin graduated in December of 2011 and his parents both passed away the following spring. Remarkably, Kevin continued on with his goals and sat for his CPA, passing all four tests on the first attempt.

Kevin is now the Manager of Tax and Auditing at Westmark Enterprises, Inc in Dubuque, IA. “I love my job and have much less student loan debt because of my educational career with Southwest Tech. I have no regrets and only fond memories. I will always recommend them to anyone.”