Kyle Ebel

When deciding on where to attend college, part of the reason I chose Southwest Tech was the cost saving potential. I wasn’t certain which field I wanted to go into, and didn’t want to waste money if I made the wrong choice initially; which turned out to be exactly happened! I was stuck trying to choose between the Criminal Justice program and the Business Management program. After a year in the Criminal Justice program, I realized that it was just not the right path for me. After some discussion, my advisor and I decided that the Business Management program was a perfect fit. The Business Management program ignited my passion for business, and the instructors were great at teaching using real-world concepts.

One of the biggest impacts Southwest Tech had on my life, was providing opportunities that allowed me to figure out which direction I wanted to head with my life. Opportunities such as the Student Ambassador program help to “bring me out of my shell”, and I went from being a person that struggled to speak in front of a group, to a person that loves the opportunity to speak in front of both small and large groups.

My path from Southwest Tech led me to a sales position and from there I went to my current role in Business Education at Dodgeville High School.