Career Pathways offer new ways to achieve your education goals. Instead of studying just one program, the Career Pathways model links related academic programs in a sequence. Each program offers direct job preparation AND a path to the next higher academic program.

Farm Operations & Management–Crops

The Farm Operations & Management – Crops curriculum prepares you for a successful return to the farm focused on using plants for food, fuel, and fiber. Agronomy encompasses work in the areas of plant genetics, plant physiology and soil science.


A diploma is a set of course taken from an already approved degree that provides you with a set of specific skills to prepare you for a job in demand by local employers. All credits earned in the diploma can be applied to the degree.

Investment = Education

Crop Operation (enrollment suspended)
36 Credits

Return = Job

Job Title Example Median Salary*
Agronomy Technician $40,800


A two-year, post-high school program with specific course requirements.

Investment = Education

Crops (enrollment suspended)
67 Credits

Return = Job

Job Title Example Median Salary*
First-Line Supervisor of Agriculture Corp Workers $55,019

*Source: EMSI based on annual salary as of April 1, 2016.