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Marketing Certificate

Course Curriculum

Course # Course Title Credits
10-104-130 Marketing Principles 3
Credits: 3.00 Lecture Hours: 54
Students will use the marketing mix in developing marketing concepts. Global, relationships, ethics, customer value, productivity, and technology perspectives to marketing will be developed by the student.
10-104-142 Social Media Marketing 3
Credits: 3.00 Lecture Hours: 54
This course provides an overview of the effective use of social media tools to conduct marketing activities for target markets. Students will explore the history and development of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, and learn how to effectively integrate them into the marketing plan.
10-104-125 Customer Relationship Management 2
Credits: 2.00 Lecture Hours: 36
Students will explore customer service as it relates to organizational quality. Areas of study include professional telephone etiquette, communication techniques to handle complaining customers, and customer service work environments. Students will identify and analyze customer service failures, learn to set complaint policies, and learn to resolve problems cost effectively.
Total Credits: 8
Estimated Total Tuition: $1,207