Tuesday, January 29, 2019

9AM: Registration/Vendor Social

10AM: Workshop

3PM: AMS Barn Tour


Southwest Tech Lenz Conference Center


$25 Per Person (includes lunch)

Total workshop cost is $50. However, $25 will be covered by Rural Development Partners and Meister Cheese. Your cost is $25.

  • See barn designs from across the world
  • Learn about the economic return on AMS
  • Evaluate labor efficiency of AMS systems
  • Hear from a producer panel about their systems
  • Tour the newest AMS barn in the area!

Register Online by January 22


Robot Barn Design Concepts


Jouni Pitkäranta, Architect, 4dBarn

Jouni is an adviser and architect who has designed more than 700 barns ranging in size from 8-1500 cows. He specializes in dairy barns using AMS technology.

Economics of AMS Barns


James Salfer, Regional Extension Educator, University of Minnesota Extension

Jim has led two on-farm research projects on over 80 farms in Minnesota and Wisconsin with milking robots to better understand management factors that affect farm profitability and performance.