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* Earn your HSED and 9 credits toward a degree in the Agribusiness Science & Technology-Agronomy or Agronomy Technician program at Southwest Tech!


Introduction to soils

10-006-116 • 3 Credits

This course is designed to provide the student with fundamental knowledge of soil and soil composition. Students will study soil types, formation factors, physical properties, biological properties and basic soil chemistry. Units covering tillage, conservation, pH and soil management will also be included. Students will gain the skills required to interpret soil survey maps and recognize qualities of various soil types. The student will perform soil sampling, residue measurements, compaction assessments and soil loss determinations per crop rotation guidelines.

Career Development in Agriculture

10-006-169 • 2 Credits

Students will develop individual leadership and employment qualities, in addition to exploring the agricultural industry and available careers. Subjects to be covered include; personal evaluation, goal setting, career opportunities, career exploration, current issues in agriculture, employment preparation, and interviewing skills. Also included are units covering workplace regulations, employment seeking, and motivational styles and techniques.


Pest id & management/crop scouting

10-006-126 • 3 Credits

The student will learn and develop skills, practices, and principles of identifying and managing pests that are a problem for a variety of common regionally grown agricultural crops. The student will learn control measures and application; proper use and safety measures; how to identify insects, weeds, and diseases in crops; various stages of growth related to timeliness of treatment; and methods of applying control measures. The student will learn principles to follow regarding the different ways of crop scouting.

pesticide applicator training

10-006-124 • 1 Credits

The learner will develop a strong understanding and basis of pest application training techniques, methods and standards used in the industry today. This class prepares students to take the Commercial Pesticide Applicator Certificating and Licensing exam category 1.1 Field and Vegetable Crops for the state of Wisconsin

HSED Coursework

Courses include Reasoning through Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Social Studies, Science, Health, Civics, and Employability Skills.