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Earn your HSED and 10 credits toward the Graphic & Web Design program at Southwest Tech!


Portfolio Introduction

10-201-124 • 1 Credit

Students plan individual professional portfolios. They will write goal statements and understand the value of career goal setting. Students will identify work samples that should be included in a professional portfolio and begin resume design. Portfolios will be finalized in the final semester of the program.

Introduction to Digital Photography

10-203-131 • 3 Credits

Students will explore the operations of a digital camera and explore photography as an art form. Students will develop habits for professional work, and create a wide range of images for portfolio-quality production. Students will develop knowledge and understanding of the digital camera, the fundamentals to stronger photographs, and basic photo editing. This is a living plan. Topics may change as the tenor of this class commands.



10-152-116 • 3 Credits

Students will learn the fundamentals and techniques of developing websites using XHTML/CSS. Topics include common HTML tags, tables, linking, image manipulation, forms, and cascading style sheets (CSS). Topics include HTML 5 and CSS 3.

Color Theory

10-201-137 • 3 Credits

In this course students will explore the fundamental components of color. Lectures and exercises introduce color theory, psychology, perception, value, harmonies and trends. Students will use a wide range of tools, techniques and media on a variety of assignments to learn how one can communicate with color.

HSED Coursework

Courses include Reasoning through Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Social Studies, Science, Health, Civics, and Employability Skills.