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The Wisconsin Professional Preschool Credential is a sequence of courses that culminate in a capstone class. The Professional Portfolio will be reviewed by a commissioner of The Registry in late April.

Young Star

To qualify for the Professional Preschool Credential, the following classes must have been completed since January 2000:

  • Foundations of ECE (Course #10-307-148) or
    Orientation to Child Care (Course #10-307-102)
  • Child Development (Course #10-307-179) or
    Child Growth & Development I (Course #10-307-104)
  • Health, Safety, & Nutrition (Course #10-307-167) or
    Child Health & Safety (Course #10-307-105)
  • Guiding Child Behavior (Course #10-307-188) or
    Child Growth & Development II (Course #10-307-107)
  • Art, Music, & Language Arts (Course #10-307-178) or
    Program Activities (Course #10-307-103)
  • Preschool Capstone (Course #10-307-130)

Classes can be taken in any order but the Preschool Capstone class must be your final class.

The capstone is the last course you take prior to completing the Preschool Credential. The intent of this capstone course is to cover and revisit some important themes from the prior five courses. You will synthesize the information and demonstrate mastery of the competencies through the completion of a portfolio.

Elements of the Preschool Credential include:

  • Geared to the unique needs of the child care practitioner
  • Credit based courses
  • A capstone or seminar
  • Completion of a portfolio
  • Present portfolio or project to a commissioner