Checklist for Submitting Final Grades (Schoology to CAMS)

Step 1

Finalize/Review Final Grades in Schoology.

  1. Review Final Scores (Overall) for accuracy (Course Home -> Gradebook)

Step 2

Verify that you have selected a “Letter Grade” Scale for your Final Grade calculations in Schoology (Click here for How To)

Step 3

Wait 15 minutes or more for the automatic Grade Transfer process to run.

Step 4

Log into the Faculty Portal and submit Finals Grades

  1. Login in to the Faculty Portal (here)
  2. Select the course (Course ID link)
  3. Click on View/Edit Final Schoology Grades
    1. Confirm the grades you’re viewing is what you entered in Schoology.
  4. Click course options at the top of the page.
  5. Then click Submit Final Grades