Schoology: Checklist for Importing a Blackboard Course in Schoology

If you would like a downloadable printout please click this .


Import Southwest Tech Standard Template

  1. Navigate to Course
  2. Add Materials -> Import From Resources
  3. Choose Group -> Southwest Tech Standard Template
  4. Click Select All Button
  5. Select Import button Twice
  6. Make sure you see this notification

Unpublish Items

  1. Beginning of Semester Updates (Hidden From Students)
  2. Faculty Course Resources (Course Work Folder)
  3. Course Design Folder
  4. Choose Gear to the right of Item and select Unpublish

Retrieve Syllabus from WIDS or Reformat Schoology Template

Import Blackboard Course

  1. Add Materials -> Import From Resources
  2. Choose Group -> Last Name -> Folder based on Blackboard Course Number
  3. Click in Folder
  4. Select All
  5. Import Twice

Re-arrange into Template

  1. Move Items
  2. Gear to the Right Move
  3. Choose appropriate Folder from Dropdown

Re-link Graded Items with Due Dates (Inside Course Work Folder)

  1. Add Materials -> Choose Item
  2. Add Due Date
  3. Add Grade Category (You may have to use Create New Grade Item to make one)