Staff member being vaccinated at a Southwest Tech Vaccination Clinic

COVID-19 – Updates

We are pleased to share Phase 5 of the Return to Campus Plan. Our goal is to create a safe and healthy environment by minimizing the risk of and reducing exposure to the pandemic for our campus community. This plan represents our commitments to world-class learning and high-quality teaching, which positively impact the economy of Southwest Wisconsin by improving the lives of the people in the district we serve.

Phase 5 Effective May 21, 2021

Expanded In-Person Operations

Southwest Tech continues instruction with safety protocols in place and more in-person services.

  • Temperature checks on a program-specific basis
  • Southwest Tech will adopt the CDC’s new guidance regarding the use of face masks and social distancing for fully vaccinated people
  • Occupational skills-based instruction will be face-to-face
  • Lecture-based classes will be delivered in face-to-face and remote capacity
  • Campus services are remote or in-person by appointment

COVID-19 Reporting

Students and Staff: Report contact with someone showing symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19.

Southwest Tech College Communication Updates

Effective Immediately | Southwest Tech transitions to Phase V of the Return to Campus Plan

Dear faculty, staff, and students,

As you likely have heard, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear a face-covering or practice social distancing. The Wisconsin Department of Health has indicated that it will be revising state guidance to align with these changes. While this is encouraging news, we also want to be clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has not ended, and we all need to continue to make decisions that maximize the safety of our entire community.

Effective immediately, May 21, Southwest Tech will transition to a mask-friendly campus and Phase V of the Return to Campus Plan (please see attachment). We encourage you to all be mindful of this as people make their individual choices.We will follow the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) new guidance regarding the use of face masks and social distancing for fully vaccinated people. Face masks are no longer required for those who are fully vaccinated, nor is social distancing required for those who are fully vaccinated.

  1. Some fully vaccinated individuals may also choose to continue practicing social distancing and wearing face coverings.
  2. Those who have not been vaccinated are required to continue to wear a mask. Compliance with this new CDC guidance will be enforced on the honor system, and we are asking you to be honest with one another.

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Contact our Team

If you have thoughts, ideas, feedback, or questions, please send a note to our COVID-19 Response Team by using the link below. Members of our team regularly monitoring this feedback.

As a college, our greatest strength is our faculty and staff who care so much about your students and communities. Please rely on our collective kindness and mutual respect to guide us through uncertain times. Please know we hope you and those close to you remain healthy.