Mask Wearing

Masks have been proven to cut down on airborne transmission of infectious aerosol particles. Virus-containing droplets (which range in size from >5 to 10 μm) and aerosols (<= 5 μm) are the two items that most spread viruses. A person who has been infected spreads infection by simply breathing. If that individual is not wearing masks droplets and aerosol particles are spread farther.

With this understanding, Southwest Tech is acting to keep our staff and students safe.
As such,

All who attend Southwest Tech are required to wear a face mask!

Surgical and cloth face coverings, with the exceptions of scarves, bandanas, or gaiters are approved for use.  If you have a question about whether a face covering meets the College standard, please check with your instructor or supervisor, prior to wearing it at the College.


A recent study has shown there are more effective types of masks and facial coverings.

Why Scarfs, Bandanas, or Gaiters Are Not Used as Masks or Face Coverings at Southwest Tech

Masks Reduce Airborne Transmission

Infectious aerosol particles can be released during breathing and speaking by asymptomatic infected individuals. No masking maximizes exposure, whereas universal masking results in least exposure.

Image showing how masks wearing produces minimum exposure