Student Spotlight: Jaren Knight

Jaren Knight. Basketball And Baseball Fan. Father. Accounting Student.

As a freshman in high school, Jaren thought business and numbers were interesting. Jaren took advantage and signed up for all the accounting classes his high school offered. After a while, it became his favorite subject.

“I knew that some of my accounting classes would transfer, but I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I wanted to experience the college lifestyle, but still be close to my family and friends.”

After graduating from Fennimore High School in 2015, Jaren chose the Accounting program at Southwest Tech because he could stay close to home and seven of his high school credits transferred. By staying in Fennimore, Jaren could also attend basketball games, his favorite high school sport.

“I love basketball and baseball. Playing third base was a fun experience, but not as fun as pitching.”

In the summer, Jaren works as a lifeguard at the Fennimore Community Pool. In the winter, he has worked for two years as a Snow Removal Manager with Pagel Services.

“Working at the pool is very enjoyable. At first as a lifeguard, I was shy and timid. Being my third year, I have come out of my quiet shell and talk more to the patrons of the pool. Not many kids have to be saved, but when they do I am there for them.”

At Southwest Tech, Jaren is gaining accounting experience as well as networking skills by being a work-study in the Financial Aid department and as a Student Ambassador.

In his spare time, Jaren enjoys being with his son, Andre, and working out.

“Being a dad and a student can be stressful at times, but I just have to think of my son and that will make even the most stressful day a whole lot better.”

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