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Diesel Engines Introduction


Fourth Semester 3 lecture and 6 lab hours per week
Students learn concepts of the diesel engine operation and diagnostic processes used to locate problems within the engine. Students work with the maintenance and repair of the cooling system, lubrication system, fuel system, and intake/exhaust systems. Students will use nozzle testing and repair equipment to make repairs to injection nozzles in the lab. Students will understand proper injection pump failure diagnosis and on tractor adjustments are emphasized as well as an insight into the specialized diesel component repair field that they may find employment in.
PREREQUISITE — Gasoline Engines


Course Number 070-312
Fourth Semester 2 lecture and 8 lab hours per week
Students learn how the internal components of the diesel engine work together in theory and in the lab as they apply repair techniques to a diesel engine overhaul project. Students learn how to properly measure the components and make informed decisions from diagnostic results obtained during the repair processes and initiate repair procedures to bring the engine back into correct equipment specifications. This process includes developing a repair estimate to be shared with the customer.
PREREQUISITES — Gasoline Engines and Diesel Engines 1