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University Transfer Liberal Arts


  1. What is the Liberal Arts Program at Southwest Tech?

    An agreement between Southwest Tech and Nicolet College to offer a liberal arts program that provides students with an opportunity to complete an Associate of Science or Associate of Arts degree at Southwest Tech. The Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees satisfy general education requirements at four year institutions.

  2. What is the difference between the Associate of Arts and Associate of Science Degrees?

    The Associate of Arts degree has a concentration on Social Sciences and Humanities. Potential majors include: Communications, Fine Arts, Education, Foreign Language, English and Literature. The Associate of Science degree emphasizes on Science and Mathematics. Potential majors include: Engineering, Natural Resources, Math, Medicine and Science. See program requirement sheets provided by your advisor for specific requirements for each degree. This was provided to you during your initial advising session.

  3. What are benefits of this program?

    Students who complete an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree often have the benefit of a degree-to-degree transfer, where universities grant junior status and automatically waive specific lower division requirements, such as general degree requirements, regardless of individual courses taken at Southwest Tech. Students can complete up to 72 credits at Southwest Tech and then transfer to a 4-year university.

    For students who do not intend to pursue a baccalaureate degree, the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees signify achievement of diverse skills and knowledge that are valued in today's work environments.

    Students will see significant tuition savings and participate in smaller classes with high quality faculty. Students can complete the degree in their home community saving money on housing and making the transition to the four year institution easier.

  4. How do I apply for program?

    Follow the Southwest Tech admissions process. The information you provide will be shared with Nicolet College. Apply Now! The Liberal Arts Programs require that you take a UW Placement Test. Be sure to mention that you are interested in a Liberal Arts Program when scheduling your advising appointment so that it can be scheduled with a Southwest Tech advisor and a Nicolet advisor can participate jointly by web conference.

  5. Do I have to go to Nicolet College?

    No. All classes will be taken at Southwest Tech via face-to-face, interactive television, or online. Meetings with your Nicolet College Academic Advisor will be offered through web conferencing. Typically, your Southwest Tech advisor will also participate in the conference.

  6. How does Financial Aid work?

    If you plan to apply for Financial Aid, go to Nicolet College as the school you will be attending. Use Nicolet's code of 00819 on your FAFSA. Southwest Tech's Financial Aid department will work with Nicolet College to ensure that student's financial concerns are addressed but Financial Aid is officially though Nicolet.

  7. Am I eligible for work-study?

    Yes. However, it is offered through Nicolet's work-study program and the focus of your work must support the University Transfer - Associate of Arts/Science program on the Southwest Tech Campus. Contact Financial Aid: or 608.822.2660 to identify available positons and to learn more details.

  8. How do I pay my Southwest Tech tuition bill?

    If you are eligible for Financial Aid:

    • Your Financial Aid will come from Nicolet. If you wish to have your Southwest Tech bill paid for with your Nicolet Financial Aid, you will need to sign an Account Balance Transfer Agreement . You may pick the form up at the Financial Aid office or click on the form link above.

    Direct Payment Options:

    • Pay online at MySWTC. ACH, MC, VISA or Discover are accepted. Please note that ACH transactions can take up to 7 days to settle and post to your account.
    • Payment via phone by calling 608.822.2306 or 608.822.2312.
    • Pay in person at the Payments/Billing Office. Call to verify normal business hours.
    • Pay by mail. A check or money order can be mailed to: Southwest Tech, Attn: Student Payments, 1800 Bronson Boulevard, Fennimore WI 53809
  9. Is campus housing available?

    Yes. Students in the University Transfer - Associate of Arts/Science programs are considered both Nicolet College Students and students of Southwest Tech so they are eligible for Southwest Tech student housing.

  10. How do I purchase my books?

    Log on to your MyNicolet Account. Choose “View my class schedule” on the left hand side of the screen and navigate to the appropriate semester. Select “View Textbook Information” on the right side of the screen. This link will take you directly to the Bookstore's website and prepopulate your list with the textbooks required for your classes.

  11. How do I register for classes?

    Information on how to register for Southwest courses can be found at our registration page. However, you will also be taking courses from Nicolet. Registration can vary depending on the time of the year and which classes you are taking. For the best results, schedule an appointment with your Southwest Tech advisor that also includes a web conference with your Nicolet advisor.

  12. Can I take class being offered by Nicolet without being admitted in the University Transfer - Associate of Arts/Science Programs?

    Yes. Students may enroll in courses as an undeclared student if they do not intend to apply the course credits towards completion of a degree. Contact Nicolet's Welcome Center at 800.544.3039, ext. 4493 for more information on enrolling in courses as an undeclared student.

  13. Where and how can I participate in graduation?

    The official degree will be awarded by Nicolet College, but students are welcome to participate in the ceremony at either Nicolet or Southwest Tech. Students should file a Graduation Petition with Nicolet in the term in which they will complete their final courses for graduation. The petition is due by November 1 if completing the degree in the fall semester; the petition is due by March 15 if completing the degree in the spring or summer semester. The petition is available on Nicolet's website. Please follow the graduation procedure for the College's ceremony in which you want to participate. Southwest Tech requires that students submit a Program Completion Application Form (MySWTC). This form is typically due the first week of November for fall or the last week in March for spring. This form is necessary to order a cap & gown and to appear in the ceremony program.

  14. How do I get my transcripts?

    Both Nicolet and Southwest Tech have established procedures for ordering transcripts that can be found at the bottom of their website homepages. Degrees are officially awarded from Nicolet so if you are looking for confirmation, follow Nicolet's procedures. Nicolet uses a third-party provider for official transcripts. For complete information on ordering your transcript, see Nicolet's website, and click on the “transcript” link at the bottom of the homepage. Southwest Tech currently provides this service without a third party provider. For ordering information go to the Southwest Tech website, and click on the Transcript Request Form at the bottom of the homepage.

  15. Where do credits transfer?

    Liberal Arts credits you earn at Southwest Tech will transfer to numerous colleges and universities, including every campus in the University of Wisconsin system. Work with your advisor concerning transfer opportunities to your four-year college of choice. Note that there is an Admissions Agreement with UW-Platteville.

  16. Do I have to complete a degree for my credits to transfer?

    No, credits you earn at Southwest Tech though the Liberal Arts Program will transfer to numerous colleges and universities. Each individual course completed can be evaluated for transfer.

  17. Will I take all Southwest Tech classes?

    To complete a liberal arts degree you can take up to 30 credits of Southwest Tech courses. The remaining credits will be earned through Nicolet College courses offered at Southwest Tech through online options.