Pam Bartels | 1996 Nursing Associate degree graduate

As we celebrate Nurses Appreciation Week and Teacher Appreciation Week, it seems fitting to spotlight Pam Bartels, 1996 Nursing Associate degree graduate who now serves as a Nursing Instructor at Southwest Tech.
This is Pam’s Southwest Tech story:
I chose Southwest Tech because it was close to home, the cost was less and I had heard nothing but positive things about the college. Southwest Tech has made a huge impact on my career –even today I reflect back on previous instructors , admissions counselors, the financial aid office and the front desk staff who were all absolutely wonderful!
As a student I was part of the Student Nurse Association which not only offered opportunity but it offered the opportunity to build friendships opportunities to participate in statewide or even national conventions.
After graduation there were no nursing jobs in the local area, I had to drive to Madison to work as a RN. Although my road to being a nurse was rocky and challenging it led to many career opportunities including acute rehab, nursing home, hospital acute care and emergency room, corrections, home health, case management and administration. I tried to get experience in as many areas as possible because I was so excited to be a nurse and continue to learn and grow in my profession. Which is never ending in nursing!
I obtained my BSN at Viterbo, and then my MSN through American Sentinel University. My mom had ALS and a few years later my dad had Lymphoma and I was able to care for them both at home when they needed it most! So, I would say that my proudest accomplishment is becoming a nurse!
Outside of work I love to bake, cook and be outside with my family.

Original source: Pam Bartels | 1996 Nursing Associate degree graduate

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