As a campus community one of our top priorities is the safety of our staff and students.

We want to work together to identify and prevent violent and personal tragedies from occurring. A campus team is available to accurately identify and appropriately address early warning signs, but everyone must help by reporting their concerns so that the team can provide assistance quickly.

What Should Be Shared?

Any concerning or distressing behaviors that you feel should be brought to the attention of the Southwest Tech Staff.

Who Can Make A Referral?

Anyone in the Southwest Tech community: Students, Faculty, Staff or Stakeholders

How And Where Do I Make A Referral?

Email or talk to a staff member you trust. Counselors are also available in Student Services.

Who Will Follow Up?

The Behavior Intervention Team coordinates a response to concerning and distressed behaviors with the intent to provide the appropriate assistance as needed. Team members will respond quickly to referrals; however, if an immediate response is needed, contact the police. The team is made up of staff members from Student Services, Facilities, Human Resources, and Public Safety.

Where To Get Assistance