Southwest Tech Spotlight: Andy Sonsalla

Southwest Tech Spotlight: Andy Sonsalla

Andy Sonsalla is a husband, father of four, served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1993-1996, a Diagnostic Author at John Deere Dubuque Works, 2002 graduate of Southwest Tech, and is currently taking classes at Southwest Tech as an online student in the Supervisory Management Program. Sonsalla was raised in Darlington, WI and currently resides with his family in Platteville, WI. Shown in the photo is Andy, his children, Audrey, Ava, Aurora and Alex, and his wife Christina.

In your own words, what does a graduate with a Supervisory Management associate degree do?

I chose to pursue a Supervisory Management associate degree to compliment my Automotive Technology associates degree I received from Southwest Tech in 2002. I plan to use it to be a project manager.

Why did you choose the Supervisory Management Program at Southwest Tech?

I have a friend that is completing a similar program online. When he told me about it, it piqued my interest. I had a good experience at Southwest Tech so I wanted to check there to see if Southwest Tech offered that program. Southwest Tech’s program is a better fit for me, than similar programs at other schools because it was 100% online, and time was my major concern. I’ve wanted to do it for a while, but I never seemed to have the time. When I decided to start the program I wanted to do it for my family to show them that I could do it. I wanted my four kids to know that you’re never too young or too old to learn. My daughter took her CNA classes at Southwest Tech when she was as senior in high school and my son is taking his Driver’s Ed classes there as well.  We’re very connected to the college.

What really stands out to you about this program?

If you’re concerned about time, the schedule is very flexible. That has been huge for me! I can access my online classes from anywhere – home or work. I work 40 hours a week, and have 4 children. When life has gotten too crazy, I’ve been able to work with my instructors to extend deadlines. They have been very helpful and accommodating with my work schedule.

How has Southwest Tech supported you as a student?

Jordyn, Cora Beth, the entire student services department have been very helpful. They helped me transfer my credits, and made it easy. The entire department was phenomenal. Especially with my veteran’s background – I was able to get credit for prior learning with my military background, as well as financial aid through the GI bill.

After you graduate, what are your plans? 

For the last six years I’ve worked as a Diagnostic Author at John Deere, and I’m very happy there. With a Supervisory Management degree I will be ready when the opportunity presents itself.


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