Southwest Tech Spotlight: Courtney Friese

Southwest Tech Spotlight: Courtney Friese

At Sun Prairie High School, Courtney was involved in many activities including choir and Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA). Through DECA, she had the opportunity to travel while learning skills in marketing.

At the age of thirteen, Courtney worked in a jewelry store. Courtney gained so much knowledge that at the age of fourteen, she sold her first “large ticket” item for $10,000. Courtney had an eye for only the best gems. This strong interest led her to enroll in online classes through the Gemological Institute of America.

Courtney always had a strong connection to the medical field, but she recognized her need to change career paths when she began acting as the primary caregiver for her stepfather.

“It is such a rewarding career, and I have always been one to put others before myself.”

After being on the waitlist for the Registered Nurse program at a local college, Courtney started to explore. While touring Southwest Tech with a student ambassador, she fell in love with the campus.

“When I walked in, I could feel the inviting atmosphere and the staff were super helpful. I was greeted by name even before I introduced myself.”

Aside from being a full-time Nursing student, Courtney is a Student Ambassador, a Resident Assistant at the campus student housing complex, as well as a work-study in the college bookstore.

In her spare time, Courtney enjoys fishing, playing soccer, and reading a good book.

Once she graduates, Courtney wants to work in hospice.

“Being there for the patient and family is very rewarding. You get to hear some of their best memories and be there for them.”

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