Affinity Groups

Students making Pride T-Shirts

What is an Affinity Group? A group of people who choose to meet to explore a shared identity or experience. Southwest Tech has two Affinity Groups that already exist (Charger Alliance and SWTC Veterans Club) and the OLAS (Organization of Latin American Students) group that we hope will be put together soon.

Charger Alliance

Southwest Tech supports the LGBTQAI+ members in our community and the Charger Alliance.

SWTC Veterans Club

Transitioning from the military to higher education has its pitfalls. Together we can conquer and excel.


The Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS) is composed of students from all cultures and backgrounds interested in learning about the Latin American culture. We strive to promote awareness through cultural, social and education programs and events. Through our collaborative effort we can ensure the appreciation, advocacy and inclusion of our diverse heritages.