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Date of Release: October 22, 2021

HyFlex learning option offered at Southwest Tech

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Southwest Wisconsin Technical College is now offering a new learning format. The HyFlex option was offered for a limited number of classes during the fall semester as part of a pilot program. HyFlex (Hybrid-Flexible) courses are face-to-face lecture courses offered at specific times that combine options for in-person or virtual connection via Zoom delivery as approved/determined by the instructor. Students may choose the option that works best for them on any given day.

“With HyFlex, we can meet students where they are,” said Beth Cummins, flexible learning coordinator. “HyFlex offers students flexibility by either attending class in person or remotely depending on their individual needs and wants. Schedule, personality, and work or family requirements can affect a student’s schedule.”

“In my class, I have students who have signed up for a face-to-face class, but in the event that something might happen where they are not able to get to campus for class, but they still could have time available to be online virtually they can engage and be in the class through a virtual means,” said Lisa P. Riley, social science instructor. “Typically, I have three or four students who need the virtual option on any given day.”

Southwest Tech offers traditional face-to-face classes, full online classes, and blended classes, which involve two hours of face-to-face instruction and one hour of online time during the week. The new HyFlex option is a hybrid of those offerings, with flexibility. “I’ve had pretty positive feedback from students,” said Riley, noting the students are not required to use the virtual option, however it is available when needed.

“Having kids, having kind of a crazy schedule, with that I never know when someone is going to be sick or if I am going to be sick, so to not have to miss even if I have to miss in-person I think it’s a brilliant way of compromise,” said Allicia Woodhouse, Human Services Associate program student, who is currently taking a HyFlex class. “Every time I will pick the in-person class assuming it works with my schedule, but that piece (HyFlex), I think, allows me to be much more successful because of the flexibility piece.”

“It was probably not something we thought about until this last year,” said Riley. “Having the best of both worlds has been a really good experience as an instructor and for the students.”

A variety of classrooms have been upgraded with the necessary technology needed to utilize the HyFlex model. Online students use a private Zoom link to access the class. Microphones are hung throughout the classroom, to allow for clear audio regardless of where the instructor is standing. Also, multiple camera views can be accessed, depending on the instructor’s needs.

Classes to be offered as HyFlex during the spring 2022 semester include (check the website for specific sections): Marriage & Family, Abnormal Psychology, Developmental Psych, Intro. to Psychology, Intro. to Sociology, General A&P, Math w/Business Applications, Introductory Statistics, College Math and Applied Math.

When registering, students will see the following description in the notes section of each course that is offered in this format: “Course offered in HyFlex format. Students can choose to attend lecture in-person OR virtually during the scheduled class time as determined by the instructor. Lab hours will require on-campus attendance.”

More information about HyFlex can be found at


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