Hired Before Graduation – Elle Kinnison

Name: Elle Kinnison  

Hometown: Richland Center, WI 

Program: Criminal Justice Studies 

Place/location of employment after graduation: Richland County Sheriffs Department

Position/title: Jailer/Dispatcher (current) hopefully a Road Deputy after Law Enforcement Academy. 

Job responsibilities:  


Responsible for the control, observation, and supervision of inmates to ensure the maintenance of security, operational rules, and policies of the jail. Perform inmate wellness checks.  Manage booking and release process for arriving and leaving inmates.  Provides daily care and communications with inmates.


Serve as a point of contact through which information is received and disseminated.  Manage, prioritize and respond to emergency and non-emergency calls.  Process, evaluate and prioritize calls and dispatch appropriate response in a timely manner while entering data into system.  Maintain status and locations of Sheriff’s Office and other agency units. Maintain accurate record entries for all calls for service. Operate all pager systems and county-wide emergency alert systems. 

What are looking forward to in your career after graduation? 

I am looking forward to being a road deputy for a department along with working with the community and the residents of the county I work for. I am also looking forward to helping those in need while serving and protecting my community.

What did you enjoy about Southwest Tech? 

I enjoy being a part of Southwest Tech all the way around. I grew a great relationship with my teachers here at SWTC that has helped me tremendously. The Criminal Justice Studies program is amazing and brings so many opportunities to the students attending the program. SWTC has many opportunities for students, and I find that great because they want success for the students and are willing to do anything to help.

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