Graduation student speaker – Alton Brown Belcher

"We as people share more similarities than differences."

Graduation student speaker – Cindy Schlehlein

"If you really want something, no matter what life throws at you, you can achieve it."

Graduation student speaker – Edgar Mendez

"Never give up. Be ambitious and chase your dream." 

Hired Before Graduation – Samantha Laird

"I felt Southwest Tech prepared me very well for my career. My professors did a great job at making us feel like we were in a work setting while in the lab. I was always eager to go to class and I learned so much in two years."

Hired Before Graduation – Kayla Kephart

"My classes have provided very valuable information on how to deal with certain situations while out working in the field. I've taken classes that deal with children, diversities, ethics, interviewing and counseling, disabilities, and numerous psychology classes." 

Graduation speaker – Reg Gill

"My fondest memories of Southwest Tech are of the friendships that I developed with classmates as well as the instructors, many of who I still see from time to time."

Graduation speaker – Konnie Sadler

"Surround yourself with extra-ordinary leaders (i.e. teacher, coach or supervisor) to help you reach your potential. Enhancing your experience with education is a solid investment to obtain a fulfilling career."

Hired Before Graduation – Maria Greenwood

"My Interviewing and Counseling class, as well as each psychology class helped prepare me for this field of work. Learning how to actively listen and provide appropriate feedback to others allows me to be successful in this field."

Graduation speaker – Greg Biba

"The education that I received was detailed in a field that I loved and it was more of a hands-on approach to learning, which helped strengthen my skills."

Hired Before Graduation – Joscelyn Habick

"You’re normal career path is going to a university, but you get just as good of a value here."