Hired Before Graduation – Storm Gates

"I may be back in a couple years and who knows what I will learn then!"

Hired Before Graduation – Brad Abing

"The basic core classes really helped. The teachers pointed me in the right direction and helped me secure this job."

Hired Before Graduation – Stephanie Muench

"I feel like they (Southwest Tech) gave me a lot of hands-on information that really helped me. I am working there now, so I can put a lot of what I learned toward that now. A lot of the hands-on stuff helped."

Hired Before Graduation – Sam Neisius

"Come to tech college first to see what your passions are first and save yourself the money."

Hired Before Graduation – Abbie Phillippi

"I really enjoy Southwest Tech because the teachers know you one-on-one and they pretty much become your family. I would definitely come to Southwest Tech because it's small and you really get you're money's worth."

Hired Before Graduation – Michyl Wilde

"There are good teachers here. Listen to what they have to say. They are good at their job and they will teach you what you need to know. They will put you on the right path to a good career."

Hired Before Graduation – Sara Napp

"The instructors for the medical assistant program are amazing, and I give all credit to them for preparing me and believing in me."

Hired Before Graduation – Aron Puck

"Just follow your dreams. If they don't happen the first time, they will happen sometime soon."

Hired Before Graduation – Jenna Stienstra

Name: Jenna Stienstra Hometown: Hazel Green, Wisconsin Graduation date: May 19, 2018 Area of study: Accounting Place of employment: I started at Crescent Electric (East, Dubuque, Illinois) on Dec. 4, 2017 as an accounting intern and was offered and accepted

Student Spotlight: Jalysa Turner

Jalysa Turner. Mom. Wife. Survivor. GED And HSED Completer. Future Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement Student. Jalysa grew up in the system. Luckily, she had great foster parents. She and her sister were placed with the same family and her