Southwest Tech Spotlight: Cindy Dieter-Schlehlein

Southwest Tech Spotlight: Cindy Dieter-Schlehlein

After graduating from Richland Center High School, Cindy went straight into the workforce. She worked at Midwest Harness and Cable Corporation making wire harnesses for fire trucks for six and a half years before the company relocated. Cindy made the decision to stay home with her second child, Caleb, to take care of him while he was young and then tried re-entering the workforce.

“I wanted to do something better with my life, so I decided to enroll in the Physical Therapy Assistant program at Southwest Tech.”

Cindy was sure she wanted to pursue PTA because of an accident she had that resulted in physical therapy.

“When I cut a tendon in my hand, I had to go through physical therapy. After many stiches and therapy, my mobility was at 87% in that finger. It was amazing how they could take a body part that wasn’t functioning and make it work like nothing had ever happened.”

PTA is especially close to her heart because one of her children also benefits from physical therapy treatments.

“This can really help me as the mother of my child so I can help him when he needs me.”

Cindy is currently on the wait list for the Physical Therapy Assistant program and is taking general education classes.

“I am very competitive and determined. My husband graduated from Southwest Tech with a 4.0 GPA. I am determined to do the same.”

Cindy has gotten involved on campus by becoming a Student Ambassador as well as a student employee in the Student Services Department.

In her spare time, Cindy enjoys hiking at Governor Dodge and Devil’s Lake.

“The view is very beautiful at Devil’s Lake. At first the hike is hard, but once you reach the peak and see the natural beauty, it makes it all worth it.”

Cindy also enjoys spending time with her husband and three children, Samantha, Caleb, and Isaac.

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