Student Spotlight: McKenzie Stagman

McKenzie Stagman. Caring And Considerate. Takes Pride In Making Others Feel Good About Themselves. Cosmetology Student.

During her years at River Ridge High School, McKenzie was always keeping busy. She was a part of Friends Helping Friends, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, volleyball, and track.

While working with Friends Helping Friends, McKenzie helped mentor other students and showed freshman and new students everything the school had to offer.

“I was involved in high school because that is where memories are made. I can still remember many of the fun times I had.”

In the summer, McKenzie enjoys teaches swimming lessons as a lifeguard and coaches soccer, volleyball, and basketball.

When considering college, McKenzie decided to enroll at Southwest Tech.

“I chose Southwest Tech because it’s close to home. I am very close with my sisters and family, so I want to stay close by them. I also love that there is a lot of one-on-one time with the instructors. Being that I had a small school, coming here and seeing the small class sizes made it an easy transition.”

McKenzie is now in her second year and has made some good memories.

“During my first year, our class was going to travel to Chicago for a trip. That night it snowed like crazy. We had to help push cars so we could leave. We ended up having a giant sleep over. It was great to get to know my class through that experience.”

Working in the Creative Elements Student Salon has provided McKenzie with great hands-on, real-life experience working in the industry.

“The experiences in the student salon are always interesting, each and every day is different than the last. You always meet interesting people and learn new things. I enjoy being it every day. I always have fun and many laughs.”

After graduating, McKenzie plans to move by Madison to live with friends and work in a salon.

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