Student Spotlight: Becka Craugh

Becka Craugh. Ag Advocate. Cheerleader. Musician. Agribusiness/Science Technology Student.

In high school, Becka was already making her career a dream. She was involved with the Platteville 4-H, where she got to experience going to dairy shows and missions trips. On her mission trips, she went from Texas and Arizona, all the way to Tennessee and Kentucky.

Becka was also heavily involved in the cheerleading program at Platteville. All through high school, she cheered for football and basketball, along with competitive cheering.

“Being the captain of the cheerleaders for three years was a great experience. The position taught me many leadership skills that I can apply to my everyday life.”

With experience working on a farm and 4-H, Becka enrolled in the Agribusiness/Science Technology program.

“I love agriculture! My whole life has been on a farm or being involved in it. I believe in every aspect of what it does.”

Becka also is enrolled in the Graphic & Web Design program.

“I chose to do both of these programs because I want to advocate for the farms who need to get their name out there. Many people don’t understand how to advertise their farm to best display what they have.”

Becka is very involved in her church. She is a volunteer in the nursery during services where she watches and teaches the kids. She was also involved in a Christian Rock band and plans to get involved with the adult band at her church.

After graduating, Becka plans to stay at her internship developing ad layouts.

“I am glad I can get my foot in the door. Coming to Southwest Tech has opened up connections for me. I am excited to get out and into the field.”

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