Interactive Television (ITV)

ITV Courses

ITV courses are taught through campus-based Interactive Television facilities which make it possible for one instructor to teach a course to as many as four different locations at once.

ITV courses are listed along with traditional classroom courses in the course listing. To take an ITV course, students follow the same procedure as for a traditional classroom course.

ITV Etiquette

  • BE ON TIME: Arriving late is always disruptive to the class, but the effect is multiplied when the sound of your entrance is amplified and broadcast to all of the sites.
  • SPEAK CLEARLY: When you are not all in the same room it is important that your words are picked up and broadcast clearly to all sites.
  • BE QUIET: Sounds, intentional and unintentional, will be picked up by the microphone and sent to the other sites. Rustling paper, coughing, tapping, etc., are amplified when sent through the microphones and are very distracting to students at the other sites.
  • REMEMBER WHERE YOU ARE: Any time you are in an ITV room, assume that what you say or do may be seen and heard in another location. Remembering this may save you some embarrassment!
  • PARTICIPATE: Please don't hide off camera! The camera creates an important link to other classrooms and instructors. You need to ask questions and get involved in the interaction. This is your class. Essentially, you create interactive television. Get Involved! Participate!

Available ITV Sites

  • Belmont High School
  • Black Hawk High School
  • Boscobel High School
  • Cassville High School
  • Cuba City High School
  • Darlington High School
  • Dodgeville High School
  • Dodgeville Outreach
  • Fennimore Highschool
  • Iowa-Grant High School
  • North Crawford High School
  • North Crawford High School
  • Platteville High School
  • Platteville Outreach
  • Prairie Du Chien High School
  • Richland Center High School
  • Richland Center Outreach
  • River Ridge High School
  • Seneca High School
  • Shullsburg High School
  • Southwestern High School
  • Wauzeka-Steuben High School

To schedule use of the ITV system, please contact MJ Dachelet, Media Specialist.