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Considering Online

The Online Classroom has Everything in One Spot, a learning management system.

Schoology is used at Southwest Tech.

Your online course will consist of the following:

  • Course Materials:  text book readings, online readings, Power Points, videos and recorded lectures
  • Course Assignments:  submitted through Schoology by uploading documents created in Microsoft Office products; some assignments require video recordings you create.
  • Discussion Boards: have a written discussion among classmates on topics specific to the unit/chapter.  Some instructors do weekly group chat sessions as well. 
  • Quizzes/Exams:  taken directly on Schoology, with instant results.
  • Grades:  Track your grades any time during your course and view a detailed breakdown of how you’re doing so far, including instructor feedback on completed assignments
  • Calendars with the due dates for easy pacing and accountability

*Note:  all action items in courses have due dates and these are strictly adhered to.

Additional items:

  1. Instructors: you have direct contact with instructors through phone calls, emails and video chats. 
  2. Members: see everyone who is taking the class with you, get their contact information, offer support to one another.
  3. Online Navigator:  go to person for online learners to find answers, resources and direction.
  4. Student Portal:  one stop shop for student email, campus updates and information, and student specific information
  5. Campus resources: same access as face to face students.