Have you enrolled or are you thinking of enrolling in an online class?

Success in an online course is dependent upon many factors. We want you to have all of the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to be successful. One way for you to access this is by completing "Orientation to Online Learning". The orientation is an introductory Schoology course that will give you an idea of what to expect in an online course. Schoology is our course management system. Part of the orientation will specifically orient you to this software.

How do I begin the orientation?

Simply send an email stating your name and the online course(s) you are registered for to Beth Cummins, Online Learning Assistant, bcummins@swtc.edu. You will receive a timely response and a survey to complete regarding your computer knowledge and skills.

If you have previously completed the orientation or successfully completed an online course, you will not need to complete the orientation again, instead please call 608.822.2302 to verify your Schoology account.

Requirements for an Online Student

  • Convenient access to a computer that has one of the following Internet Browsers:
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
    • Mozilla Firefox 4.0
    • Google Chrome 10.0.648
    • Safari 5.1

    Applicable to the time this was published, please call 608.822.2302 to verify later versions of these browsers.

  • An active e-mail account (all Southwest Tech students are issued a free email account)
  • Word processing software (Microsoft Word is the recommended word processing software at Southwest Wisconsin Technical College. Discounted software is available to all full-time Southwest Tech students through the Wisconsin Integrated Software Catalog: http://wiscsoftware.wisc.edu/wisc/)
  • Availability of 10-15 hours per week for each 3-credit course
  • Self-motivation and self-discipline

Expectations of an Online Student

  • Online courses are not easier than traditional college courses. The online learning process requires commitment on the student's part. Online students need to be self-motivated and self-disciplined. Online students must also possess the necessary technical skills to navigate the course. The successful student will view online courses as a convenient way to receive their education - not an easier way.
  • Online courses correspond with the college's semester sessions. Each online course has a start date and an end date. The schedule of coursework, assignments, and due dates are determined by each instructor.
  • You will need to schedule sufficient time to participate in the course each week. It is recommended that you allow a minimum of 10 hours per week (for each 3-credit course) to be online for each online course you are taking. Studying for tests, reading and written assignments, and other class-related activities will take additional time.


Contact Beth Cummins in the Center for Teaching and Learning by phone 608.822.2302 or email bcummins@swtc.edu.