Tuition and fees are established according to state statutes and Wisconsin Technical College System guidelines, and may change from year to year. Students must pay all required fees according to Southwest Tech policies. Fees may be subject to change without notice.

Activity Fee A fee of 6 percent of tuition per credit, per semester is assessed to cover the cost of various student activities, intramural sports, and special events on campus. The Southwest Tech Student Senate participates in the determination and assignment of the funds acquired by the Activity Fee.

Application Fee This nonrefundable $30 fee is required to process the application.

Graduation Students must complete the Program Completion Application Form (MySWTC) in their final semester by a deadline set by Student Services in order to receive their diploma and be considered a graduate of their program. No additional fee is charged to participate in the commencement ceremony. More information can be found on the Student Services Graduation page.

Books and Supplies Book and supply costs are not included in tuition or any fees. Required textbooks are sold at the Southwest Tech Bookstore or may be purchased from any supplier available to students.

Materials Fee The fees vary based on consumable, tangible items used in the instructional process and are set by the Wisconsin Technical College System Board.

New Program Student Down Payment New accepted program students are required to pay a $50 down payment to hold their official program slot (generally April 1 for the fall semester and late November or early December for the spring). The down payment is applied to tuition once scheduling is completed. New students should receive information regarding designated program registration dates for scheduling classes.
New students who are unable to register at their designated program time must contact their program counselor in Student Services prior to the program registration time to make alternative arrangements for scheduling classes. New students who neither register at the designated time nor make alternative arrangements with their counselor will forfeit their program slot to a waitlisted student.

New students who decide not to attend Southwest Tech may obtain a refund of their down payment only if they inform the College of their decision in writing prior to the start of class(es). When a student is receiving funding through an agency (e.g. Department of Workforce Development or a business organization), written notification from the sponsoring agency must be received by (a) June 1 for new students who intend to begin their studies fall semester or (b) the date of class scheduling for returning students. The amount of funding payable to Southwest Tech for the current term must be indicated in the authorization.

Out-of-State Tuition Students who are not Wisconsin residents must pay out-of-state tuition. For the 2016-2017 academic year, out-of-state tuition is 150% the State tuition rate, equaling $195.53 per credit. A waiver of out-of-state tuition is available to students who qualify. For further information about out-of-state tuition or its waiver, please contact Financial Aid.

Resident Tuition All students must pay resident tuition for their courses. This fee is set by the Wisconsin Technical College System Board and is $132.20 per credit for the 2016-2017 academic year. An additional $10 will be added to any online course for both in and out-of-state residents.

Testing Fees College admission testing varies in price depending on the tests required for entrance into a course or a program. Retesting rates are determined by the amount of sections an applicant needs to retake (testing rates are subject to change).

Transcript Request Fee Students may request transcripts from Records in Students Services in person or by mail, fax, or e-mail. A $10 fee is charged for each official transcript requested.

Examples of Other Fees Student Are Responsible for Depending on Enrollment in a Course or Program:

  • Tools, Equipment and Safety Gear
  • Uniform
  • CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) National Testing
  • National Nurse Aid Assessment Program
  • Background Check
  • Immunizations and Health Examinations
  • Certification or Board Examination Fees


(Agency Funded or Financial Aid Only)

Students must present written documentation from their sponsoring agency in order to receive a deferment.

Deferment of tuition and fees is optional for students who are eligible for financial aid (grants or loans). They must complete all financial aid procedures, including submission of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), before they can obtain a deferment agreement from the Financial Aid Office.

Financial aid typically is disbursed approximately 30 days after the start of a term. Any remaining balance of tuition and fees (and any amount owed for books, if applicable) is due within ten days after the financial aid disbursement date. A $40 late charge is added to any student account with an outstanding balance after the ten-day grace period.

Grade reports and/or transcripts of any student who has an outstanding financial obligation to the College are placed on hold until all debts are paid in full.

Officially withdrawing from class(es) does not eliminate a student's responsibility for any outstanding financial obligation to the College. The state refund policy applies to class changes made during the term, and any refund that a student might receive will first be applied to any outstanding debt.


Students who have any delinquent accounts with Southwest Tech cannot enroll, have their records released, or use any of the services offered by the College until such accounts are paid in full. Full payment may include a $40 service charge when an account becomes delinquent.


Southwest Tech's tuition and fee refund policy is in accord with Wisconsin Technical College System and District Board policy guidelines.

As a general rule, students are responsible for requesting any refund of tuition and/or fees paid to Southwest Tech. Refunds under $5 will not be processed.

Adding or withdrawing from a course requires timely submission of appropriate paperwork to Student Services. Students must officially withdraw from a course by notifying Student Services in writing, in person or by going to their MySWTC account and withdrawing themselves from their courses. The date of notification of withdrawal, not the last date of class attendance, is the official withdrawal date, which is used to determine the amount of a student's refund. Nonattendance does not reduce fees owed. Further, officially withdrawing from a course or courses does not eliminate a student's responsibility for any outstanding financial obligation to the College. (Students who entirely withdraw from the College are encouraged to contact their program counselor for an exit interview.)

Refunds Before First Class Meeting If Southwest Tech cancels a course, students can apply for a complete refund of tuition paid for that course.

Students who officially drop a course before the first class meeting and timely apply for a refund will receive a full refund of tuition paid. However, when one class is dropped and another class of equal value is added during the first seven calendar days of the term, tuition is transferred from the dropped course to the added one.

Refunds After the First Class Meeting: All Courses Except Open Entry Courses Once a term begins, the refund amount for a course typically is based upon when official withdrawal occurs relative to the number of days the class has met. (The refund period begins the first day a course meets, not the first day a student attends it.) The applicable schedule is as follows:

Official Course Withdrawal Fee Refunded Percent of Total

Before 11% of the class meetings 80%
Between 11–20% of the class meetings 60%
After 20% of the class meetings 0%

Refunds After the First Class Meeting: Open Entry Courses With open entry courses, the amount of a refund is determined by the number of calendar days between a student's registration date and official withdrawal. The applicable schedule is as follows:

Official Course Withdrawal Fee Refunded Percent of Total

1–7 days after official registration date 80%
8–14 days after official registration date 60%
15 days after official registration date 0%

Dropping or withdrawing from a course is an important decision. It may affect current and future financial aid, enrollment, and program status. Students are encouraged to meet with a counselor to discuss what alternative academic assistance may be available and the potential consequences of dropping or withdrawing.

Registering for a class immediately creates a financial obligation. The Payments/Billing Office will continue to send the student notice of the outstanding debt until the bill is paid. Payment plans are available through the Payments/Billing Office. If you do not comply with the payment obligations, Southwest Tech may certify your past due balance to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue and make a claim for the total due against refunds, overpayments, lottery payments owed you by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue or Department of Administration.

RETURNED CHECK CHARGE A service charge of $35 will be assessed on each check returned by a bank. A returned check may result in cancellation of a student's registration.

Student Billing

If you have questions or concerns regarding your bill, please contact the Payments/Billing Office at 608.822.2312. You may also view your bill, schedule, or make a payment at MySWTC.

Payment is due the first day of the term unless you have a credit agreement on file with the Payments/Billing Office. A $40 late fee will be added to any student account after the tuition due date.

Your tuition statements will be sent to you via e-mail only. You may also access/pay your bill using MySWTC.

Non-attendance or non-payment do not constitute a cancellation of registration, and students will be responsible for tuition and fees not paid.

Payment Options

ACH, MC, VISA or Discover are accepted.

  • Pay online at MySWTC.
  • Payment via phone by calling 608.822.2312.
  • Pay in person at the Payments/Billing Office window during normal business hours: 7:30am - 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Pay by mail with a check or money order mailed to Southwest Tech, Attn: Payments/Billing Office, 1800 Bronson Boulevard, Fennimore, WI 53809.