Student Spotlight: Zach Sherman

Zach Sherman. The Funny Guy. World’s Best Root Beer Float Creator. University Transfer Liberal Arts Student. Member Of Student Ambassadors And Student Senate.

As a third-grader, Zach’s love for history began with his teacher who showed him that history is not just about dead people, but an interesting, never-ending story that we can learn from. Even as a young student, Zach realized that his outgoing and motivating personality synchronized with his passion for learning and history could make a great career choice for him.

“I knew what I wanted to do with my life, but I wasn’t ready to dive straight into a four-year university right after graduation.”

After graduating from Fennimore High School in 2014, Zach chose the Liberal Arts program at Southwest Tech because he felt it would be the perfect transition from high school to a university. He is getting the credits he needs at a much lower cost. Being close to home and the feeling of belonging to a community is important to him and he loves the small town environment that Southwest Tech provides.

Because of the flexibility within his program, Zach is able to spend time with his family and friends, work as a Student Ambassador, and get involved around campus.

“Southwest Tech is helping me expand my comfort zone and reach my goals. The flexibility is great. At first, I was afraid I would be “that guy” who wanders the campus halls with nothing to do, but I’ve been able to get involved in fun campus events like Bongo Ball and being hypnotized to think that I was a ninja Usher, which was great! I really enjoy connecting with new people.”

After graduation, Zach plans to attend the University of Wisconsin – Platteville to major in History with a minor in Physical Education. He would like to get a job in the area as a high school teacher and do some coaching on the side.

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