Student Spotlight: April Brandt

April Brandt. Flynn’s Owner And Best Friend. Graphic & Web Design Program Student. Student Ambassador And Student Senate Member.

Fun-loving April Brandt has always had a passion for art and music. During her years at Darlington High School, April enjoyed being involved in plays and musicals. As a senior, April designed and edited the school yearbook and the school newspaper.

After graduating in 2010, April decided to attend a four-year university to double major in Psychology and Political Science. Her goal was to become a children’s therapist and eventually start her own practice. April had completed three years of classes when a close family friend fell ill and her goals were put on pause. After taking a year of classes off, April tried to return to the university.

“I didn’t realize how many hoops I would have to jump through to get back on track. I was told to talk to this person and then that person, fill out this form, fill out another form. I had to decide whether it was worth the struggle of getting into classes again.”

Although April loved her time at the university and the friends that had become like family there, she realized that she wasn’t being true to herself and her passions. April discussed her feelings with her parents and remembered how much she had enjoyed art and design.

In January, April visited one of Southwest Tech’s Program Visit Days and she applied on the spot. After reviewing programs offered at Southwest Tech, April chose the Graphic & Web Design program because it aligned well with her personal interests.

“I decided to stop at Southwest Tech because it was close to home. I wasn’t ready to move away from my family, my friends, and the best dog ever: Flynn! The welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff made me feel at home and it just felt right. Here, I was given the opportunity to be myself, to be unique. I love that.”

The transition went smoothly for April. She sees her old friends regularly and already has a strong connection with other artists in her program.

April loves all the design work and creativity involved with her classes. After graduation, she hopes to work at a design firm for a few years to gain experience and in the future begin her own design business.

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