Student Spotlight: Taylor Henkel

Taylor Henkel

Student Spotlight

Fennimore High School grad. Former Cross Country and Track Captain. Certified Nursing Assistant. Physical Therapist Assistant program student

As a high school student growing up in Fennimore, Taylor was an avid athlete involved in cross country and track. Her senior year, she was even Captain for both sports. As many athletes do in their high school career, she attended physical therapy to help with an injury. At the time, she didn’t realize how big of an impact that would have on her future.

“I really like helping people. I received my CNA certificate through Southwest Tech the summer between my junior and senior year and started working at the nursing home. So many people assumed I would go to school to become a nurse. I considered that as an option, but I really don’t like working with needles. Attending PT opened my eyes to a new career option.”

When the time came to think about college, Taylor wanted to get out of Fennimore and experience life in a bigger city like La Crosse. Her brother had gone to school there and she heard of a great Physical Therapist Assistant program available.

“I didn’t consider Southwest Tech at first. I grew up here and wanted to get out and live on my own.”

After further consideration, Taylor realized that her comfort zone was in Fennimore and she decided to learn more about the Physical Therapist Assistant program at Southwest Tech.

“All of my family is in Fennimore. If I have a problem, they are not miles and miles away. I feel comfortable because my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins are all close by. Living at home and saving money is just an added bonus.”

Taylor is very pleased with her choice to attend Southwest Tech.

“My thoughts about Southwest Tech have changed. I love the small class sizes. I don’t feel uncomfortable asking questions or communicating with my teachers. I am involved in the PTA Club and like working with Southwest Tech staff and the community to coordinate fundraisers and create awareness. Our PTA class is really like a family. I don’t think I would have received that kind of personal attention anywhere else.”

Taylor plans to graduate in the spring of 2015 and hopes to get a job somewhere in the tri-state area as a PTA either in a nursing home or in pediatrics.

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