What is the Southwest Health Network (SHN)?

The Southwest Health Network is a group that was formed to support formal rural health collaborative strategies that focus on activities related to recruitment, education, training, and retention of Health Information Technology (HIT) Specialists.

The partnership is composed of several partners including: Southwest Wisconsin Technical College (SWTC), Southwest Wisconsin Workforce Development Board (SWWDB), Scenic Rivers Area Health Education Center (AHEC), and six independent Critical Care hospitals in Southwest Wisconsin.

What is the Purpose?

This network was assembled to assure that the HIT curriculum developed at Southwest Wisconsin Technical College will meet training needs of both new entrants into Health Informatics as well as current employees working in the field.

SWWDB and the Scenic Rivers AHEC will play a crucial role in the recruitment of students for this training.

What Are The Advantages To Being a Partner?

  1. You are involved from the ground floor in the development of a new Health Information Technology Program at Southwest Wisconsin Technical College.
  2. Your valued input related to curriculum/course design as well as internship design will benefit your current employees as well as future employees.
  3. You are enabling graduates of this accredited HIT curriculum to possess the skills and abilities required for employment in the HIT field.
  4. Your incumbent employees will receive preferential placement into the HIT program.
  5. You help assists in assuring a pool of skilled future employees in the field of health informatics within the local health care system.


To support formal rural health collaborative strategies that focus on activities relating to the recruitment, education, training, and retention of Health Information Technician Specialists within the region.


To collaborate to develop and implement a Health Information Technology Management program for the benefit of students, employers, patients, and the regional economy.

Program Outcomes:

  1. Educated HIT workforce willing to work in rural provider (partner) sites.
  2. Comprehensive and collaborative network relationships intent on the success of the program.
  3. Employing best practices and efficiencies – through care based on a holistic approach.
  4. Improved efficiencies in managing records, sharing information for specialty and emergency services.
  5. Addresses the preventative, chronic, and long term health care needs in our rural communities.


Improved health outcomes, more cost effective delivery of care, and sustainable rural systems.

Southwest Health Network Partners