Abram, ChadPolice Science Technology Program Adjunct InstructorEmail Chad Abram
Adams, Helen MarGeneral College Math Adjunct Instructor608.822.2464Email Helen Mar AdamsIndustry Center (Bldg 500)526
Adney, MikalaChild Care Aide608.822.2453Email Mikala AdneyChild Care Center (Bldg 1500)1509A
Ahnen, HeathExecutive Director of IT Services608.822.2327Email Heath AhnenHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)2612
Alan, AdrianPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Adrian Alan
Allen, ChasityEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Chasity Allen
Allen, NathanEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Nathan Allen
Allen, TracyDisability Services Specialist608.822.2433Email Tracy AllenKramer Building (Bldg 300)314J Knox Learning Center
Alvin, JeffreyLE Acad Lab Asst Adjunct InstrEmail Jeffrey Alvin
Ammon-Aide, KimberlyEarly Childhood Education Adjunct InstructorEmail Kimberly Ammon-Aide
Anderson, EdWelding Instructor608.822.2726Email Ed AndersonIndustry Center (Bldg 500)526D
Anderson, ErikFire Lab Tech Adjunct InstrEmail Erik Anderson
Anderson, KatieGraphic & Web Design Instructor608.822.2647Email Katie AndersonKramer Building (Bldg 300)312
Anderson, MatthewGrp Dynamics/Traffic Safety Adjunct InstructorEmail Matthew Anderson
Auz, NathanLE Acad Lead Adjunct InstrEmail Nathan Auz
Averkamp, EdwardAuto Body Adjunct InstructorEmail Edward AverkampAg/Auto Center (Bldg 1700)1700
Averkamp, RoseEarly Childhood Education Adjunct InstructorEmail Rose Averkamp
Bahl, JenniferAdministrative Assistant608.822.2700Email Jennifer Bahl
Bahl, SaraFinancial Aid Assistant/Accounting Bursar608.822.2312Email Sara BahlCollege Connection (Bldg 400)472
Baker, BryantEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Bryant Baker
Bakken, GaryWelding Instructor608.822.2395Email Gary Bakken
Bartels, CarrieNonprofit Leadership Adjunct InstructorEmail Carrie Bartels
Bartels, PamelaNursing Instructor608.822.2659Email Pamela BartelsHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)1639
Bartelt, JaradLE Acad Lead Adjunct InstrEmail Jarad Bartelt
Baumgartner, PhillipPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Phillip Baumgartner
Baute, MatthewDirector of Enterprise Applications608.822.2445Email Matthew Baute
Bedward, JoshDirector of Facilities608.822.2754Email Josh BedwardIndustry Center (Bldg 500)514
Bedward, OwenMaintenanceEmail Owen Bedward
Belete, BerhanuData Analyst Adjunct InstructorEmail Berhanu Belete
Bennett, KyleStudent Success/Recruitment Manager608.822.2625Email Kyle BennettCollege Connection (Bldg 400)483
Bermudo, JobertElectro-Mechanical Technology Instructor608.822.2606Email Jobert BermudoManufacturing Center (Bldg 600)613A
Bernhardt, StephanieFinancial Aid Assistant/Accounting Bursar608.822.2321Email Stephanie BernhardtCollege Connection (Bldg 400)472
Biese, SaraCIM Program Director/HIT Instructor608.822.2705Email Sara Biese
Bittleman, TravisPolice Science Jail Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Travis Bittleman
Blaschke, RenaeEarly Childhood Education Instructor608.822.2459Email Renae BlaschkeGeneral Education Building (Bldg 100)101
Bloyer, BobPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Bob Bloyer
Blume, EmmaLE Acad Lead Adjunct InstrEmail Emma Blume
Bockenhauer, DakotaLivestock Judging CoachEmail Dakota Bockenhauer
Boland, BuckyDriver Education Adjunct InstructorEmail Bucky Boland
Bomkamp, JustinGolf Course Mgmt Adjunct InstructorEmail Justin Bomkamp
Bowers, ChristenaDisabilities/Support Services Manager608.822.2631Email Christena BowersKramer Building (Bldg 300)314Q Knox Learning Center
Bradley, LouisePrior Learning/Testing Specialist608.822.2743Email Louise Bradley
Bredeson, DanAdult Education Adjunct InstructorEmail Dan Bredeson
Breglia, ClaudiaDirect Entry Midwife Adjunct InstructorEmail Claudia Breglia
Bremmer, NathanPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Nathan Bremmer
Brennum, DavidPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail David Brennum
Breuer, ToniaMedical Assistant Instructor608.822.2666Email Tonia BreuerHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)1639
Bricco, KarenLaboratory Science Tech Adjunct InstructorEmail Karen BriccoHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)1639
Bridge, BritanyEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Britany Bridge
Brown, Carlee AnnProgram AdvisorEmail Carlee Ann Brown
Brown, CrystalGrant Accountant608.822.2363Email Crystal BrownKramer Building (Bldg 300)360A
Brown, DrewMaintenanceEmail Drew BrownBuilding 12001200
Brown, StephanieStudent Success/Resident Life Manager608.822.2366Email Stephanie BrownCollege Connection (Bldg 400)475
Bruehahn, TrevorAuto Tech Adjunct InstructorEmail Trevor Bruehahn
Buchholz, RichardDriver Education Adjunct Instructor608.822.2438Email Richard Buchholz
Burch, AmberEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Amber Burch
Burgess, TheresaPolice Science Technology Program Adjunct InstructorEmail Theresa Burgess
Burk, PaulFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Paul Burk
Buss, SharonAdult Education Adjunct Instructor608.822.2373Email Sharon Buss
Busser, RobertFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Robert Busser
Butler, AutumChild Care Aide/Student EmployeeEmail Autum Butler
Butteris, CalvinSystem Analyst608.822.2711Email Calvin Butteris
Caldari Melendez, VanessaMidwife Instructor608.822.2643Email Vanessa Caldari Melendez
Campbell, AmyAccounts Payable Specialist608.822.2309Email Amy CampbellKramer Building (Bldg 300)360D
Campbell, KarenCompliance Officer608.822.2768Email Karen CampbellCollege Connection (Bldg 400)468
Carey, JenniferEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Jennifer Carey
Carl, JoeDriver Education Adjunct InstructorEmail Joe Carl
Cashman, ChrisFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Chris Cashman
Cathman, ShannonMedical Lab Tech/Science Instructor608.822.2786Email Shannon CathmanHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)1652
Chamorro Rueda, KaterynRecruitment InternEmail Kateryn Chamorro Rueda
Chappell, ChristyNursing Assistant Instructor608.822.2610Email Christy ChappellHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)1639
Chase, KathrynEMS Asst Adjunct InstructorEmail Kathryn Chase
Chavis, LeonorInstitutional Research Analyst608.822.2385Email Leonor ChavisRemote
Chiefari, AlexaCommunication Resource Instructor608.822.2619Email Alexa ChiefariGeneral Education Building (Bldg 100)101
Chubb, MargaretFinancial Aid Assistant/Accounting Bursar608.822.2306Email Margaret ChubbCollege Connection (Bldg 400)472
Cina, ChristineHistory Adjunct InstructorEmail Christine Cina
Cirves, TracyArt Adjunct InstructorEmail Tracy Cirves
Clancy, LindseyBusiness & Industry Services Adjunct InstructorEmail Lindsey Clancy
Cleary, KimberlyEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Kimberly Cleary
Clendenen, HollyChief Student Services Officer608.822.2362Email Holly ClendenenCollege Connection (Bldg 400)480
Collins, AllysonNatural Science Adjunct Instructor608.822.2386Email Allyson Collins
Collins, AmberChild Care Aide608.822.2453Email Amber CollinsChild Care Center (Bldg 1500)1506A
Colsch, DarciNursing Instructor608.822.2765Email Darci ColschHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)1639
Colson, BridgetSurgical Tech Adjunct InstructorEmail Bridget Colson
Cooley, DennisExecutive Director of Advancement608.822.2747Email Dennis CooleyKramer Building (Bldg 300)350E
Covert, DonaldFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Donald Covert
Covert, TomFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Tom Covert
Cox, CaseyPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Casey Cox
Crist, KaleeAdult Education Adjunct Instructor608.822.2223Email Kalee CristDarlington Outreach Site
Crubel, AshleyFinancial Analyst608.822.2307Email Ashley CrubelKramer Building (Bldg 300)360C
Cummins, BethAdvisor608.822.2372Email Beth CumminsCollege Connection (Bldg 400)477
Cushman, BrianEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Brian Cushman
Dachelet, DerekBusiness Management Instructor608.822.2417Email Derek DacheletIndustry Center (Bldg 500)526D
Dal Santo, AndrewAgriculture Instructor608.822.2465Email Andrew Dal SantoGeneral Education Building (Bldg 100)130
Davis, CaitlinCosmetology Adjunct InstructorEmail Caitlin Davis
Day, BrianEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Brian Day
Day, HeatherStudent Records Specialist608.822.2359Email Heather DayCollege Connection (Bldg 400)Student Services
DeLaMater, CarlaPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Carla DeLaMater
Demo, KristaDental Assistant Instructor608.822.2662Email Krista DemoHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)1639
Dickman, AnnaCommunication Instructor608.822.2295Email Anna Dickman
Dickman, RobinAdult Education Adjunct Instructor608.822.2633Email Robin DickmanKramer Building (Bldg 300)368
Dickow, StephenEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Stephen Dickow
Dietzel, DallasEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Dallas Dietzel
Dillenburg, AmandaDental Adjunct InstructorEmail Amanda Dillenburg
Donovan-Batson, ColleenMidwife Adjunct Instructor/Clinical Site Coordinator608.822.2611Email Colleen Donovan-Batson
Drake, DawnBusiness & Industry Services Adjunct InstructorEmail Dawn Drake
Dreckman, NatePolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Nate Dreckman
Droessler, SaraNursing Assistant Adjunct InstructorEmail Sara Droessler
Dunham, EricPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Eric Dunham
Easler, MarnieStudent Records Specialist608.822.2378Email Marnie EaslerCollege Connection (Bldg 400)Student Services
Eck, MasonMotorcycle Adjunct InstructorEmail Mason Eck
Elfering, DuaneBuilding Trades - Carpentry Adjunct InstructorEmail Duane Elfering
Erickson, AlanPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Alan Erickson
Escobar, KarlaMulticultural Success Coach608.822.2325Email Karla EscobarKramer Building (Bldg 300)314 Knox Learning Center
Esser, PeteMath InstructorEmail Pete EsserKramer Building (Bldg 300)314I Knox Learning Center
Evans, DianneGrp Dynamics/Traffic Safety Adjunct InstructorEmail Dianne Evans
Falk, GretchenCosmetology Adjunct InstructorEmail Gretchen Falk
Farner, KarenAcademic Lead/Medical Lab Tech Program Director/Instructor608.822.2329Email Karen FarnerHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)1652
Fecht, AdamPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Adam Fecht
Feltes, CarlyEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Carly Feltes
Fetterly, BrandonNatural Science Adjunct InstructorEmail Brandon Fetterly
Fiedler, JasonElectromechanical Technician Trainer608.822.2447Email Jason FiedlerIndustry Center (Bldg 500)526
Fifrick, HeatherCareer Services Manager608.822.2414Email Heather FifrickCollege Connection (Bldg 400)460
Flaaen, DanielSocial Science Adjunct Instructor608.822.2468Email Daniel Flaaen
Flynn, AmySocial Science Adjunct Instructor608.822.2222Email Amy Flynn
Foley, MichaelDriver Education Adjunct InstructorEmail Michael Foley
Forrest, NathanialPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Nathanial Forrest
Fortney, BriannaCareer Prep & Dual Enrollment Coordinator608.822.2483Email Brianna FortneyCollege Connection (Bldg 400)484
Friederick, SueCook608.822.2409Email Sue FriederickCollege Connection (Bldg 400)Cafeteria
Friesen, DaveNetwork Administrator608.822.2328Email Dave FriesenHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)2610
Frohne, CindyCosmetology Instructor608.822.2724Email Cindy FrohneIndustry Center (Bldg 500)526
Fulcher, MalloryEmergency Medical Services Instructor608.822.2371Email Mallory FulcherPublic Safety Building (Bldg 2000)2001
Funk, GwenCosmetology Adjunct InstructorEmail Gwen Funk
Galarza, JessicaMidwife Clinical Site Coordinator608.822.2271Email Jessica Galarza
Gallagher, NathanPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Nathan Gallagher
Gardner, MargaretReference & Instruction Librarian608.822.2338Email Margaret GardnerKramer Building (Bldg 300)314 Knox Learning Center
Garvey, SidEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Sid Garvey
Gavinski, BriHuman Resources Assistant - Intern608.822.2396Email Bri GavinskiKramer Building (Bldg 300)319
Gill, RegPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Reg Gill
Gillen, AngelaAdult Education Adjunct Instructor608.822.2326Email Angela GillenPlatteville Outreach Site
Gillitzer, SueTutor-HIT (Online)Email Sue Gillitzer
Glass, KatieChief Communications Officer608.822.2411Email Katie GlassKramer Building (Bldg 300)304
Gleisner, SarahCommunication Instructor608.822.2434Email Sarah GleisnerGeneral Education Building (Bldg 100)101
Gongula, EeshaWeb Designer608.822.2330Email Eesha Gongula
Gorham, MichaelEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Michael Gorham
Goss, SamanthaAccounting Adjunct InstructorEmail Samantha Goss
Goss, StephenInstrumentation & Controls Tech Instructor608.822.2668Email Stephen GossManufacturing Center (Bldg 600)613A
Govier, KimAssistant Controller/Foundation Accountant608.822.2308Email Kim GovierKramer Building (Bldg 300)350E
Grabandt, JoshPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Josh Grabandt
Grainger, SaraPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Sara Grainger
Griesel, TamaraScience Instructor608.822.2614Email Tamara GrieselGeneral Education Building (Bldg 100)101
Griswold, JohnAuto Tech Adjunct InstructorEmail John Griswold
Guinn, DianaMotorcycle/Moped Driver Adjunct InstructorEmail Diana Guinn
Haberkorn, ConnieDirector of Human Resources608.822.2310Email Connie HaberkornKramer Building (Bldg 300)319
Hach, MonaStudent Services Specialist608.822.2383Email Mona HachCollege Connection (Bldg 400)Student Services
Hackett, JamesPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail James Hackett
Hake, ZackFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Zack Hake
Halvorson, BenWelding Instructor608.822.2486Email Ben HalvorsonIndustry Center (Bldg 500)526
Hamel, RobinMental Health Counselor608.822.2268Email Robin HamelCollege Connection (Bldg 400)463
Hampton, ChantelDirector of Special Populations/Adult Education608.822.2658Email Chantel HamptonKramer Building (Bldg 300)325
Hanson, EarlynPlumbing Apprentice Adjunct Instructor608.822.2735Email Earlyn HansonIndustry Center (Bldg 500)526
Harris, TedFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Ted Harris
Hartbecke, CoreyAgribusiness Adjunct Instructor608.822.2738Email Corey Hartbecke
Hartwig, AmyPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Amy Hartwig
Hartwig, EricPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Eric Hartwig
Hawes, DonNursing Assistant Adjunct InstructorEmail Don Hawes
Heberlein, ClareGoat Dairy Adjunct Instructor608.822.2723Email Clare Heberlein
Heisner, AmandaDriver Education Adjunct InstructorEmail Amanda Heisner
Henkel, MandyDirector College Effectiveness/Accreditation608.822.2475Email Mandy HenkelKramer Building (Bldg 300)315
Henkel, SethSupply Chain Management Instructor608.822.2270Email Seth HenkelGeneral Education Building (Bldg 100)101
Henry, JillNursing Assistant Instructor608.822.2667Email Jill HenryHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)1639
Herbers, StephenPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Stephen Herbers
Herting, AngieDirector of Development and Major Gifts608.822.2725Email Angie Herting
Hill, ChristinaDining Services Manager/Lead Chef608.822.2265Email Christina HillCollege Connection (Bldg 400)417
Hill, NandiMidwife Clinical Site CoordinatorEmail Nandi Hill
Hillebrand, MiaClay Target CoachEmail Mia HillebrandCollege Connection (Bldg 400)Charley's
Hintze, ChristopherFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Christopher Hintze
Hoff, HeidiMeat Butchery Adjunct InstructorEmail Heidi Hoff
Hoffman, PeteAgriculture Mechanics (Ag Power) Adjunct Instructor608.822.2476Email Pete Hoffman
Hoffman, TimothyMaintenance Carpenter608.822.2753Email Timothy HoffmanBuilding 12001200
Holverson, AaronCybersecurity Instructor608.822.2429Email Aaron HolversonPublic Safety Building (Bldg 2000)231A
Hubbard, BrettPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Brett Hubbard
Hubbard, NanetteAdministrative Assistant608.822.2209Email Nanette HubbardHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)1639
Huber, RachelSurgical Tech Program Director/Instructor608.822.2269Email Rachel HuberHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)1639
Hulce, AricaCosmetology Adjunct InstructorEmail Arica Hulce
Hundhausen, GabrielaAdult Education Adjunct InstructorEmail Gabriela Hundhausen
Huser, WilliamAdult Education Adjunct InstructorEmail William Huser
Imhoff, DanExecutive Director of Facilities608.822.2401Email Dan ImhoffIndustry Center (Bldg 500)514
Imhoff, SarahPayroll Administrator608.822.2664Email Sarah Imhoff
Imobersteg, NathanAuto Tech Adjunct InstructorEmail Nathan Imobersteg
Ivey, KamiNursing Adjunct InstructorEmail Kami Ivey
Johann, BriannaEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Brianna Johann
Johll, JulieAccounting Instructor608.822.2443Email Julie JohllKoenecke Building (Bldg 200)208
Johnson, Bobbi JoAdmissions Specialist (Lakeshore Technical College)920.693.1117Email Bobbi Jo Johnson
Jones, BillyPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Billy Jones
Jones, CaraTutor-HIT (Online)Email Cara Jones
Kaiser, DebEnrollment Services Advisor (Western Technical College)608.785.9078Email Deb Kaiser
Kamps, AngelaCulinary Arts Adjunct InstructorEmail Angela Kamps
Kane Johnsrud, SherryGraphic Designer608.822.2342Email Sherry Kane JohnsrudKramer Building (Bldg 300)305
Kartman, GinaLab Assistant-Child Care608.822.2451Email Gina KartmanChild Care Center (Bldg 1500)1503A
Kelly, KellyDirector of Fiscal Services/Controller608.822.2305Email Kelly KellyKramer Building (Bldg 300)350H
Kempinski, JimPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Jim Kempinski
Kempinski, MichaelPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Michael Kempinski
Kempinski, PatriciaGrp Dynamics/Traffic Safety Adjunct InstructorEmail Patricia Kempinski
Kennedy, ScottGolf Course Management Instructor608.822.2437Email Scott KennedyGeneral Education Building (Bldg 100)123
Kerkhoff, ErinGraphic & Web Design Instructor/Marketing Specialist608.822.2331Email Erin KerkhoffKramer Building (Bldg 300)309
Kern, KyleDriver Education Adjunct InstructorEmail Kyle Kern
Kindrai, MariaNursing Adjunct Instructor608.822.2639Email Maria KindraiHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)1639
King, JasonPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Jason King
Kite, GraceChild Care Aide/Student EmployeeEmail Grace Kite
Klein, MarleneAdult Education Adjunct Instructor608.375.5873Email Marlene KleinBoscobel Outreach Site
Klein, RileyFinancial Aid Assistant/Accounting Bursar608.822.2357Email Riley KleinCollege Connection (Bldg 400)472
Kliebenstein, StevenCPR Adjunct InstructorEmail Steven Kliebenstein
Knoble, AmandaCosmetology Adjunct InstructorEmail Amanda Knoble
Knuth, ToddAuto Tech Adjunct InstructorEmail Todd Knuth
Knutson, SueEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Sue Knutson
Koch, KallyFarm Ops Adjunct InstructorEmail Kally Koch
Koch, RobertaAdult Education Adjunct Instructor608.822.2263Email Roberta Koch
Koeller, ThomasDriver Education Adjunct InstructorEmail Thomas Koeller
Korb, KathyAdult Education Adjunct Instructor608.930.2878Email Kathy KorbDodgeville Outreach Site
Kowalski, KamrynEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Kamryn Kowalski
Kowalski, RyanEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Ryan Kowalski
Krachey, SienaCosmetology Adjunct InstructorEmail Siena Krachey
Kramer, ShaneWelding Adjunct InstructorEmail Shane Kramer
Kretschman, JakobPublic Safety InternEmail Jakob Kretschman
Kretschman, TomCriminal Justice Instructor608.822.2702Email Tom KretschmanPublic Safety Building (Bldg 2000)2001
Kroeplin, NathanPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Nathan Kroeplin
Krohn, JoshInstructional Design Specialist608.822.2426Email Josh Krohn
Kroll, BarbaraEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Barbara Kroll
Kroll, JacquelynEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Jacquelyn Kroll
Kruser, JohnPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail John Kruser
Kuckkahn, ToddBusiness & Industry Services Adjunct InstructorEmail Todd Kuckkahn
Kussmaul, DwightPolice Science Jail Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Dwight Kussmaul
Kussmaul, HannahCosmetology Adjunct Instructor608.822.2661Email Hannah Kussmaul
Kvigne, JohnAgricultural Power & Equip Tech Instructor608.822.2730Email John KvigneAg/Auto Center (Bldg 1700)1710
LaMantia, DougCookEmail Doug LaMantiaCollege Connection (Bldg 400)417
Lame, JenniferAcademic Lead/Medical Coding Specialist Instructor608.822.2652Email Jennifer Lame
Lancaster, JarrettLE Acad Lead Adjunct InstrEmail Jarrett Lancaster
Lane, GregoryMotorcycle/Moped Driver Adjunct InstructorEmail Gregory Lane
Lange, KatieBusiness & Industry Services Adjunct InstructorEmail Katie Lange
Larsen, CyndeChief Academic Officer/Executive Dean608.822.2642Email Cynde LarsenKramer Building (Bldg 300)303
Larson, TysonAutomotive Technician Instructor608.822.2602Email Tyson LarsonAg/Auto Center (Bldg 1700)1710
Laufenberg, CarolynAcademic Success Coach608.822.2617Email Carolyn Laufenberg
Lee, CoreePolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Coree Lee
Leeser, DuaneDriver Education Adjunct InstructorEmail Duane Leeser
Leis, TinaAdministrative Assistant608.822.2701Email Tina LeisKoenecke Building (Bldg 200)222
Lenz, LynnProgram Head (Western Technical College)608.789.6049Email Lynn Lenz
Lipska, MelissaNonprofit Leadership Adjunct InstructorEmail Melissa Lipska
Lund, BobEvening Custodian608.822.2629Email Bob LundCollege Connection (Bldg 400)421D
Lund, JoshPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Josh Lund
Lynch, JerryAdult Education Adjunct Instructor608.822.2636Email Jerry LynchRichland Center Outreach Site
Madsen, MichaelMath Instructor608.822.2657Email Michael MadsenIndustry Center (Bldg 500)526
Maier, KimExecutive Dean608.822.2463Email Kim MaierKoenecke Building (Bldg 200)222
Maier, MelissaCommunication Skills Adjunct InstructorEmail Melissa Maier
Manning, IsabelleBusiness & Industry Services Intern608.822.2761Email Isabelle ManningKramer Building (Bldg 300)350
Mara, RonaldGolf Course Mgmt Adjunct InstructorEmail Ronald Mara
Marr, BryanFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Bryan Marr
Marshall, CaseyLE Acad Lead Adjunct InstrEmail Casey Marshall
Martin, LoriNatural Science Adjunct Instructor608.822.2221Email Lori Martin
Massey, NatePolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Nate Massey
May, MaggieAdult Education Adjunct Instructor608.822.2633Email Maggie MayKramer Building (Bldg 300)368
Mayberry, ZachBusiness & Industry Services Adjunct InstructorEmail Zach Mayberry
McBee, EmilyChild Care Center Manager/Early Childhood Education Instructor608.822.2453Email Emily McBeeChild Care Center (Bldg 1500)1502B
McCluskey, KimberlyCosmetology Adjunct InstructorEmail Kimberly McCluskey
McCorkle, KyleElectrical Power Distribution Instructor608.822.2624Email Kyle McCorklePublic Safety Building (Bldg 2000)2200
McGuire, RachelRadiography Program Director & Instructor608.822.2495Email Rachel McGuireHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)1639
McKelvey, GrettaBusiness & Industry Services Adjunct InstructorEmail Gretta McKelvey
McLimans, JustinPolice Science Jail Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Justin McLimans
Meier, AbbyChild Care AideEmail Abby MeierChild Care Center (Bldg 1500)1508A
Meier, JoelFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Joel Meier
Merten, ChuckEvening Custodian608.822.2266Email Chuck MertenCollege Connection (Bldg 400)421D
Meyer, EricAuto Body Adjunct InstructorEmail Eric MeyerAg/Auto Center (Bldg 1700)1700
Meyers, DennisFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Dennis Meyers
Mezera, RodneyEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Rodney Mezera
Milestone, AliciaEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Alicia Milestone
Milestone, JamesEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail James Milestone
Miller, KellyAdult Education Adjunct InstructorEmail Kelly MillerKramer Building (Bldg 300)368
Miller, NicolePolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Nicole Miller
Millin, JodyAdministrative Assistant608.822.2720Email Jody MillinIndustry Center (Bldg 500)526
Millin, ShannonNursing Adjunct InstructorEmail Shannon Millin
Misselt, JoePolice Science Jail Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Joe Misselt
Moellers, ElizabethMath Instructor608.822.2620Email Elizabeth Moellers
Molini, BrianScience Instructor608.822.2621Email Brian MoliniGeneral Education Building (Bldg 100)101
Moore, GereldEMS Asst Adjunct InstructorEmail Gereld Moore
Mootz, JakeIT Support Specialist608.822.2427Email Jake MootzKramer Building (Bldg 300)314A
Moran, JohnDriver Education Adjunct InstructorEmail John Moran
Moritz, AlexandraEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Alexandra Moritz
Moyer, AngiePhysical Therapist Assistant Instructor608.822.2607Email Angie MoyerHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)1639
Mueller, SheaAuto Tech Adjunct InstructorEmail Shea Mueller
Muench, HollyNursing Instructor608.822.2430Email Holly MuenchHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)1639
Mumm, AndyIT Support Specialist608.822.2640Email Andy MummKramer Building (Bldg 300)314A
Murphy, BryceMotorcycle/Moped Driver Adjunct InstructorEmail Bryce Murphy
Murphy, DavidMotorcycle/Moped Driver Adjunct InstructorEmail David Murphy
Napier, DanielleEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Danielle Napier
Nation, MattEvening Custodian608.822.2498Email Matt NationCollege Connection (Bldg 400)421D
Needham, LoriExecutive Assistant608.822.2300Email Lori NeedhamKramer Building (Bldg 300)303
Nelson, NicoleAdministrative Assistant608.822.2400Email Nicole NelsonIndustry Center (Bldg 500)514
Nelson, StaceyEnrollment Services Administrator (Western Technical College)608.785.9842Email Stacey Nelson
Neuroth, BenMaintenance608.822.2757Email Ben NeurothBuilding 12001200
Nicely, MelindaAccounting Instructor608.822.2425Email Melinda NicelyKoenecke Building (Bldg 200)216
Nichols, MackenzieBudget & Finance Assistant608.822.2207Email Mackenzie NicholsKramer Building (Bldg 300)360B
Nicholson, KarylBusiness Management & Economics Instructor608.822.2432Email Karyl Nicholson
Norsby, HeatherNursing Instructor608.822.2799Email Heather NorsbyHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)1639
Novak, JeffreyWelding Adjunct InstructorEmail Jeffrey Novak
O'Brien, JustinFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Justin O'Brien
O'Connell, JacquelynPolice Science Technology Program Adjunct InstructorEmail Jacquelyn O'Connell
Oliva, IolandaSocial Science Adjunct Instructor608.822.2285Email Iolanda Oliva
Oppor, HeatherMeat Processing CoordinatorEmail Heather Oppor
Oyen, JoleenBookstore Assistant/CookEmail Joleen OyenBookstore
Paasch, AndySocial Science Adjunct InstructorEmail Andy Paasch
Pagel, KelseyEsports CoachEmail Kelsey PagelKramer Building (Bldg 300)345 Esports Arena
Pagliaro, DominicPolice Science Jail Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Dominic Pagliaro
Palatta, BrandonEMS Instructor (Lakeshore Technical College)920.693.1839Email Brandon Palatta
Palzkill, MichaelWelding Adjunct InstructorEmail Michael Palzkill
Patterson, MarkFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Mark Patterson
Pedley, MichelleNursing Adjunct InstructorEmail Michelle Pedley
Perkins, CraigEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Craig Perkins
Phillips, AdamHuman Resources Specialist608.822.2314Email Adam PhillipsKramer Building (Bldg 300)319
Phillips, ShawnEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Shawn Phillips
Pilling, DonitaEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Donita Pilling
Pilling, MaKaylaEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail MaKayla Pilling
Pink, KrystalGraphic/Web Design Adjunct InstructorEmail Krystal Pink
Pink, LarryFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Larry Pink
Pitzer, GunnerLE Acad Lead Adjunct InstrEmail Gunner Pitzer
Place, StaceyAcademic Lead/Physical Therapist Assistant Instructor608.822.2653Email Stacey PlaceHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)1639
Platz, TylerData Analyst608.822.2280Email Tyler Platz
Plenge, EmilyPolice Science Jail Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Emily Plenge
Pomerening, PeterFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Peter Pomerening
Porter, ClayPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Clay Porter
Portzen, NicholasPolice Science Jail Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Nicholas Portzen
Prochaska, LoganDriver Education Coordinator608.822.2466Email Logan ProchaskaKoenecke Building (Bldg 200)222
Pulvermacher, DorisProcess Improvement CoordinatorEmail Doris Pulvermacher
Pustina, LaurieCosmetology Adjunct InstructorEmail Laurie PustinaIndustry Center (Bldg 500)526
Quick, MichelleDriver Education Adjunct InstructorEmail Michelle Quick
Ralph-Tollefson, BetsyAcademic Lead/Communication Instructor608.822.2656Email Betsy Ralph-TollefsonGeneral Education Building (Bldg 100)101
Ramstack, HaileyFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Hailey Ramstack
Randall, JoeAcademic Lead/Electrical Power Distribution Instructor608.822.2732Email Joe RandallPublic Safety Building (Bldg 2000)2200
Reed, AndreaLab Assistant-MidwiferyEmail Andrea Reed
Rehlinger, PaulLE Acad Lead Adjunct InstrEmail Paul Rehlinger
Remz, BruceFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Bruce Remz
Reukauf, CraigPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Craig Reukauf
Reukauf, DebraGrp Dynamics/Traffic Safety Adjunct InstructorEmail Debra Reukauf
Reuter, BrianDriver Education Adjunct InstructorEmail Brian Reuter
Reuter, ChrisEvening Custodian/Safety608.822.2635Email Chris ReuterCollege Connection (Bldg 400)421D
Reynolds, AndyBuilding Trades-Carpentry Instructor608.822.2737Email Andy ReynoldsIndustry Center (Bldg 500)519
Reynolds, GinStudent Health Records Specialist608.822.2648Email Gin ReynoldsHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)2628
Richard, MelodeeEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Melodee Richard
Riechers, AndrewDriver Education Adjunct InstructorEmail Andrew Riechers
Riley, LisaState Reporting/Curriculum Coordinator608.822.2440Email Lisa RileyKramer Building (Bldg 300)311
Riley, Lisa PSocial Science Instructor608.822.2650Email Lisa P RileyGeneral Education Building (Bldg 100)101
Rink, EdwardAdult Education Adjunct Instructor608.822.2424Email Edward RinkPlatteville Outreach Site
Robbins, JasonCNC Machine Operator/Programmer Instructor608.822.2733Email Jason RobbinsManufacturing Center (Bldg 600)601
Roberts, GaryCriminal Justice Instructor608.822.2708Email Gary RobertsPublic Safety Building (Bldg 2000)2001
Rogers, DanProgrammer/Analyst608.822.2444Email Dan RogersHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)2616
Ross, JenniferEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Jennifer Ross
Ross, RogerWelding Adjunct InstructorEmail Roger Ross
Rossing, RoseannPolice Science Jail Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Roseann Rossing
Rounds, JustinAgricultural Power & Equip Tech Instructor608.822.2727Email Justin RoundsAg/Auto Center (Bldg 1700)1710
Rowe, WesleyBusiness & Industry Services Adjunct InstructorEmail Wesley Rowe
Rudnick, JessicaEnrollment Services Advisor (Western Technical College)608.785.9129Email Jessica Rudnick
Ruiz-Gines, ZulgeilDirect Entry Midwife Adjunct Instructor608.822.2267Email Zulgeil Ruiz-Gines
Rundle, VickyAcademic Lead/Nursing Instructor608.822.2637Email Vicky RundleHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)1639
Rupnow, JacobPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Jacob Rupnow
Sandry, KarlLab Assistant-Public Safety/Lead Fire Instructor608.822.2703Email Karl SandryCollege Connection (Bldg 400)465
Schaaf, JenniferPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Jennifer Schaaf
Schafer, JasonFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Jason Schafer
Scharmer, ChristopherAuto Tech Adjunct InstructorEmail Christopher Scharmer
Schlaugat, ReneEvening Custodian608.822.2208Email Rene SchlaugatCollege Connection (Bldg 400)421D
Schmidt, SaraData Analyst Adjunct InstructorEmail Sara Schmidt
Schmitz, CoraBethStudent Financial Assistance Manager608.822.2316Email CoraBeth SchmitzCollege Connection (Bldg 400)474
Schneider, MattAdvisor608.822.2365Email Matt SchneiderCollege Connection (Bldg 400)478
Schoville, KrisAcademic Lead/Medical Assistant Instructor608.822.2665Email Kris SchovilleHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)1639
Schramm, WilliamPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail William Schramm
Schrantz, BenForeign Language Adjunct InstructorEmail Ben Schrantz
Schuchart, BridgetEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Bridget Schuchart
Schultz, JacobEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Jacob Schultz
Schultz, StevenLE Acad Lead Adjunct InstrEmail Steven Schultz
Schwarz, MarkPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Mark Schwarz
Schwarzmann, BrendaAdult Education Adjunct Instructor608.822.2355Email Brenda SchwarzmannPlatteville Outreach Site
Schwindenhammer, WhitneyELL Adjunct InstructorEmail Whitney Schwindenhammer
Seeboth-Wilson, AmyDirector of Grants608.822.2651Email Amy Seeboth-WilsonKramer Building (Bldg 300)324
Seippel, DanielleRegistrar608.822.2317Email Danielle SeippelCollege Connection (Bldg 400)486
Seitz, JamieLab Assistant-Industrial Occupations608.822.2728Email Jamie SeitzAg/Auto Center (Bldg 1700)1710
Seitz, SherriStudent Services Specialist608.822.2416Email Sherri SeitzCollege Connection (Bldg 400)Student Services
Severson, RichardPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Richard Severson
Shea, JenniferEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Jennifer Shea
Sheckles, AnthonyMotorcycle/Moped Driver Adjunct InstructorEmail Anthony Sheckles
Shepherd, SamanthaPolice Science Jail Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Samantha Shepherd
Shinee, JamesFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail James Shinee
Simmons, RyanFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Ryan Simmons
Smoczyk, JeanneHIT/Medical Coding/CIM Instructor608.822.2766Email Jeanne Smoczyk
Snider, GabbyAdministrative Assistant608.822.2487Email Gabby SniderKramer Building (Bldg 300)350A
Soden, CarolAcademic Success Coach608.822.2616Email Carol Soden
Sonnleitner, NancyCancer Information Mgmt Adjunct Instructor608.822.2322Email Nancy Sonnleitner
Sparrgrove, JustineNursing Instructor608.822.2382Email Justine SparrgroveHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)1639
Spehle, BriannaNursing Instructor608.822.2764Email Brianna SpehleHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)1639
Spillane, DanielEMS Lab Asst Adjunct InstructorEmail Daniel Spillane
Stalsberg, KoryFarm Business Production Manager608.379.4076Email Kory StalsbergGeneral Education Building (Bldg 100)130
Stanton, ElsaDental Adjunct InstructorEmail Elsa Stanton
Starkey, AngelaNursing Instructor608.822.2644Email Angela StarkeyHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)1639
Steinmetz, DarinFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Darin Steinmetz
Stevenson, AnnakaChild Care AideEmail Annaka StevensonChild Care Center (Bldg 1500)1503A
Stewart, DanPolice Science Jail Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Dan Stewart
Stock, VickiAdmissions Specialist (Lakeshore Technical College)920.693.1143Email Vicki Stock
Straka, HollyDirector of Business & Industry Services608.822.2323Email Holly StrakaKramer Building (Bldg 300)350C
Straka, KenAdministrative Assistant608.822.2709Email Ken StrakaPublic Safety Building (Bldg 2000)2001
Sukis, ChristopherPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Christopher Sukis
Summers, BobDriver Education Adjunct InstructorEmail Bob Summers
Sutter, MitchellEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Mitchell Sutter
Swift, SteveElectricity Apprentice Adjunct InstructorEmail Steve Swift
Tanner, AngelaCosmetology Adjunct InstructorEmail Angela Tanner
Tate, MatthewPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Matthew Tate
Taylor, JennaNursing Adjunct Instructor608.822.2626Email Jenna TaylorHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)1639
Thill, MistyNursing Adjunct InstructorEmail Misty Thill
Thompson, BobProgrammer/Analyst608.822.2332Email Bob Thompson
Thompson, PaulPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Paul Thompson
Timmerman, PaulaLab Assistant-Child Care608.822.2452Email Paula TimmermanChild Care Center (Bldg 1500)1508A
Tisdale, BrendanAuto Body Adjunct InstructorEmail Brendan TisdaleAg/Auto Center (Bldg 1700)1700
Tranel, StephenFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Stephen Tranel
Troxel, JohnNetwork Administrator608.822.2442Email John TroxelHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)2610
Truempler, JudyHealth Information Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Judy Truempler
Udelhoven, VickieAcademic Success Coach608.822.2630Email Vickie UdelhovenKramer Building (Bldg 300)314 Knox Learning Center
Uppena, MichaelDriver Education Adjunct InstructorEmail Michael Uppena
Vacha, EdwardPolice Science Technology Program Adjunct InstructorEmail Edward Vacha
Vaughan, ScottFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Scott Vaughan
Vetesnik, DemiAssistant HR Manager608.822.2646Email Demi VetesnikKramer Building (Bldg 300)319
Vierck, DouglasPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Douglas Vierck
Vissers, AmandaMath/Science Instructor608.822.2615Email Amanda VissersIndustry Center (Bldg 500)526
Volberding, NatalieAdministrative Assistant608.822.2335Email Natalie VolberdingKramer Building (Bldg 300)316
Volz, HannahPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Hannah Volz
Wackershauser, DanMarketing & Public Relations Specialist608.822.2303Email Dan WackershauserKramer Building (Bldg 300)306
Wagner, KelseyAdvisor608.822.2358Email Kelsey WagnerCollege Connection (Bldg 400)479
Wall, GloriaEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Gloria Wall
Wallin, BrandonMaintenance Technician608.822.2752Email Brandon WallinBuilding 12001200
Wallin, KurtPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Kurt Wallin
Walsh, EmilyEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Emily Walsh
Warwick, SaraMidwife Clinical Program Coordinator608.822.2368Email Sara Warwick
Washburn, TobyPlumbing Heating/Refrigeration Specialist608.822.2756Email Toby WashburnBuilding 12001200
Weber, KristaChief Human Resources Officer608.822.2315Email Krista WeberKramer Building (Bldg 300)320
Weber-Enloe, JessicaBusiness & Industry Services Adjunct InstructorEmail Jessica Weber-Enloe
Weigel, RyanAgriculture Instructor608.822.2655Email Ryan WeigelGeneral Education Building (Bldg 100)130
Wendhausen, JordynNursing Instructor608.822.2622Email Jordyn WendhausenHealth Science Center (Bldg 1600)1639
Wescott, JoshuaEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Joshua Wescott
Wetter, JerronPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Jerron Wetter
Wetter, PaulineAdvisor608.822.2353Email Pauline WetterCollege Connection (Bldg 400)476
Wetter, TravisPolice Science Summer Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Travis Wetter
White, CalebVice President for Administrative Services608.822.2446Email Caleb WhiteKramer Building (Bldg 300)302
Whiteaker, AustinEvening Custodian608.822.2628Email Austin WhiteakerCollege Connection (Bldg 400)421D
Whiteaker, GeorgeAutomotive Technician Instructor608.822.2729Email George WhiteakerAg/Auto Center (Bldg 1700)1710
Whitish, BethEarly Childhood Education Adjunct InstructorEmail Beth Whitish
Whittaker, GaryFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Gary Whittaker
Wiederholt, JoAnnAcademic Success Coach608.822.2337Email JoAnn WiederholtKramer Building (Bldg 300)314 Knox Learning Center
Wilder, MarceySocial Science Adjunct Instructor608.822.2645Email Marcey Wilder
Wilhelm, BrandonLE Acad Lead Adjunct InstrEmail Brandon Wilhelm
Willborn, JordanChild Care Aide608.822.2451Email Jordan WillbornChild Care Center (Bldg 1500)1506A
Williams, AustenFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Austen Williams
Williamson, TannerFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Tanner Williamson
Winch, ChristinaAcademic Lead/Agriculture Instructor608.822.2744Email Christina WinchGeneral Education Building (Bldg 100)130
Wirtz, AshleyEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Ashley Wirtz
Wittrig, RussellPolice Science Jail Academy Adjunct InstructorEmail Russell Wittrig
Witzig, KathyHuman Services Associate Adjunct Instructor608.822.2402Email Kathy WitzigGeneral Education Building (Bldg 100)101
Wojtalewicz, AshleyEnergy Coordinator/Sustainable Energy Management Instructor608.822.2476Email Ashley WojtalewiczIndustry Center (Bldg 500)526
Wood, BartElectro-Mechanical Technology Instructor608.822.2769Email Bart WoodBuilding 11001102
Wood, JasonPresident608.822.2300Email Jason WoodKramer Building (Bldg 300)301
Woodhouse, CraigAssessment Testing Adjunct InstructorEmail Craig WoodhouseRichland Center Outreach Site
Woodke, KayeRecruiter608.822.2649Email Kaye WoodkeCollege Connection (Bldg 400)485
Woodworth, SallyAcademic Success Coaches Adjunct Instructor608.822.2993Email Sally Woodworth
Woolford, AlFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Al Woolford
Woolford, KathleenFire Technology Adjunct InstructorEmail Kathleen Woolford
Wright, DavidWelding Adjunct InstructorEmail David Wright
Wubben, GregAuto Collision Repair/Refinish Tech Instructor608.822.2605Email Greg WubbenAg/Auto Center (Bldg 1700)1710
Wubben, KrisExecutive Dean608.822.2706Email Kris WubbenIndustry Center (Bldg 500)526A
Wubben, SamanthaFacility Operations Adjunct InstructorEmail Samantha Wubben
Wubben, WalkerEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Walker WubbenBuilding 12001200
Wunderlin, JillTranscription AssistantEmail Jill WunderlinKoenecke Building (Bldg 200)222
Yaun, FaithEmergency Medical Service Adjunct InstructorEmail Faith Yaun
Yoose, DanielPlumbing Apprentice Adjunct InstructorEmail Daniel Yoose
Young, MichelleNursing Instructor608.822.2623Email Michelle Young