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Transfer Agreements

Southwest Tech is committed to helping our graduates pursue their educational and career goals.

To this end, Southwest Tech creates partnerships with local colleges and universities that enable our students to articulate (transfer) credit between the two institutions.

To transfer credits to another learning institution, students must satisfy the course, credit, and grade requirements of that institution, which has sole discretion to accept or deny transfer credits. Students who are enrolled in or have graduated from a Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) institution and who wish to continue their education in the University of Wisconsin (UW) System may be eligible to transfer credits toward their bachelor’s degree in the following ways:

  • WTCS students may be eligible to transfer up to 15 credits of general education coursework.
  • Students who have earned an associate of applied arts or an associate of applied science degree may be eligible to transfer certain technical support and/or occupational credits when a direct relationship exists between a particular WTCS degree program and the desired program at a particular UW System institution.
  • Students transferring from the WTCS may earn credit by achieving appropriate scores on national standardized examinations [e.g., College Level Examination program (CLEP)] or on exams developed by the UW System transfer institution.

For more information about transfer opportunities, Southwest Tech students should consult with a counselor in Student Services, the admissions office at a UW System institution, or visit the Transfer Information System (TIS) web site at Visit the UW - Transfer Information System.

The following form allows you to see the current transfer of credit agreements Southwest Tech shares with other area colleges and universities by program. Students interested in transferring credits to other colleges or universities are strongly encouraged to check with the receiving institution before enrolling at Southwest Tech.

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