Along with supporting one of the current scholarships already established, a donor can establish their own scholarship. There are three different types of scholarship funds:

One Time Scholarship

This is when a donor names and establishes their own scholarship criteria for a scholarship. This can be completed by contacting the Foundation Office at 608.822.2362. A One Time Scholarship can be established with a minimum gift of $250. This account is usually established when a donor wishes to make a one time gift.

Account Named Scholarship

This is when a donor names, establishes criteria and receives an account number for their scholarship. This scholarship typically is established with a gift of at least $500 and is an annual scholarship. Named scholarships are also established when a donor makes an initial gift and then scholarships are awarded from that gift for several years. For example if a person provides a $5,000 gift and a $1,000 scholarship is awarded for the next 5 years.

Endowed Scholarship

This is when a donor names, establishes criteria, receives an account number, and receives the interest from the account which in placed into the scholarship account each year. A minimum gift of $12,500 is required to establish an endowed account.