Why FutureMakers Matter

Donors provide student scholarship gifts to offset tuition, equipment and textbook expenses. They furnish and upgrade labs with the latest in tools, machines and equipment. Volunteers donate their time and expertise by serving on program advisory committees, quality review panels, help with fundraising, and assisting with day-to-day foundation activities.

Our donor partners are diverse but they share one common goal: they believe in Southwest Tech and want to see our students succeed.


The Southwest Tech Foundation’s scholarship program provides financial resources to hundreds of students in need. Because of our donors, the Foundation awarded 384 scholarship to deserving Southwest Tech students in 2018-2019. These scholarships total more than $200,000. See the list of scholarships for more details.

Annual Scholarship Program

A person, business or organization can establish their own criteria and students will receive it knowing it came from said person, business or organization. This scholarship typically is established with a gift of at least $250 and is an annual scholarship. Annual scholarships are also established when a donor makes an initial gift and then scholarships are awarded from that gift for several years.

Endowed Scholarship

Establish a special account from which a portion of the earnings are distributed annually for scholarships or special projects. Benefactors who fund these endowed accounts have the satisfaction of knowing that they are creating a gift in perpetuity. Accounts are endowed when they have reached $12,500. This can be given as one gift or through a series of gifts.

The Southwest Tech Community Scholarship Program

Designed to create and enhance pathways for students to attend, succeed and graduate from Southwest Tech, this program plays to the strengths of Southwest Wisconsin Technical College. The premise behind the program is a simple one: Alumni and friends from district communities with ties to Southwest Tech can set contribute to a pooled scholarship fund to support incoming Southwest Tech students from their community.

If you are unable to access documents here, please contact Foundation (foundation@swtc.edu, 608.822.2366)

Southwest Tech has several ways to support students in addition to scholarships. If you want to make a difference in a student’s life or provide training equipment for faculty, staff and students consider these other opportunities to provide assistance below.

Support a Charger

All of the funds in this account are used to help prospective students overcome barriers keeping them from enrolling/continuing at Southwest Tech such as application fees or testing fees.

Charger Annual Fund

The Charger Annual Fund is a fund of unrestricted gifts that allows our Southwest Tech campus leaders the flexibility to fund worthwhile projects and programs that other funding does not support at the necessary levels.

Planned Giving

Leave your mark at Southwest Tech. A planned gift as part of your long-term estate and financial plans will support our students and programs far into the future while still ensuring that your loved ones are taken care of. Contact the Foundation staff for more information.

Charger Dream Fund

This fund is dedicated to helping students during a time of financial crisis. One-time grants up to $500 are awarded to students in order that their education not be interrupted.

Pave it Forward and Giving Tree Program

The Giving Tree Program was established so individuals could sponsor a living tribute in honor of a loved one or special event and the Pave it Forward Program was created to leave your footprint by sponsoring a brick, bench, or table in our new patio while contributing to the ongoing beautification of campus. For more information see the Pave it Forward and Giving Tree Program brochure .

In-Kind Gifts

Southwest Tech accepts automobiles, equipment and other in-kind donations that provide hands-on training for our students as they prepare for the workforce.

Please contact the Southwest Tech Foundation to discuss any of the above giving opportunities for Southwest Tech. To make cash contributions you can Donate Today.

Thank you for your support!

Disclaimer: The Foundation makes no representations nor offers any legal or tax advice about the benefits or other consequences of your giving gifts to the Foundation. You are encouraged to consult with your attorney and/or your financial advisor on such matters.