Let Us Give You Credit!

Southwest Tech offers a variety of ways for high school students to earn college credit while still in high school. We are continuously establishing agreements with area high schools to grant college credit to high school students.

Articulated credit is a part of the Career Prep state-wide initiative. Elements of Career Prep include:

  • Articulation Agreements
  • Coherent Sequence of Courses
  • Joint Secondary/Post-Secondary Programming
  • Staff Development Opportunities for K-14 Instructors and Counselors
  • Preparatory Services
  • Career Exploration Activities
  • Career Pathway Development
  • Equal Access for Special Populations, Racial and Ethnic Minorities and Nontraditional Training and Employment

Articulation Efforts with Area High Schools

Articulation refers to high school instructors and technical college instructors working together to build a seamless transition for students. Articulation can take place through the following methods:


CollEdge Up

CollEdge Up (formerly known as 20/2020) is an educational partnership between CESA 3 and Southwest Wisconsin Technical College. The program allows students to simultaneously earn high school and college credits through a combination of alternative learning platforms. The courses are college level and taught by Southwest Tech faculty members.


Start College Now

Start College Now is designed to offer courses the high school does not have or cannot offer to a student who wants to go above and beyond in a subject area. One benefit of this program is the dual enrollment component. The course(s) the student takes gives them both high school credit toward graduation as well as college credit to take with him as they continue their educational journey.

If you're an interested junior or senior, meet with your high school guidance counselor to discuss your career plans and determine if enrolling in college courses through the Start College Now program is right for you.


Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeships

Youth Apprenticeship is a one- or two-year program for high school students beginning in the eleventh or twelfth grade, offering students guided learning and work experience within an industry. A student who successfully completes a state-approved youth apprenticeship will receive:

For more information, please click the button below to contact our Career Prep & Dual Enrollment Coordinator