Advanced standing provides high school students the opportunity to earn college credit, which is awarded upon enrollment in a program at a technical college, for a course taken while in high school. Advanced standing may also be referred to as “credit in escrow” because the application of the credit is delayed until the student enrolls at a technical college. With advanced standing the competencies of a high school course (or courses) are determined to be the equivalent or comparable to the competencies of a technical college course. Students who meet all conditions of the advanced standing agreement, which includes earning a grade of B or better, are recommended by the high school instructor to receive an advanced standing certificate from Southwest Tech. This certificate is sent to the student’s home address and is valid for twenty-seven (27) months from the date of the student’s high school graduation. Credit for the course will be granted upon enrollment in a program at Southwest Tech and presentation of the certificate, but no letter grade will be issued for the course. Southwest Tech and district high schools partner to offer these courses to high school students through a written articulation agreement.

Also referred to as "Articulated Credit", the following are features of Advanced Standing courses:

  • Are one or more high school courses that are equivalent to a technical college course.
  • Are taught by your high school instructor.
  • Help you earn both high school and technical college credit.
  • Are provided at no cost.
  • Are awarded if you successfully complete the course requirements according to the advanced standing agreement and enroll in a related Southwest Tech program within 27 months of high school graduation.
  • Are recognized by "certificate of eligibility" for advanced standing.
  • May be accepted by other technical colleges offering the same or similar courses.
  • Always involve a written formal agreement with the instructor at the high school.

For course offing details, see our High School Offerings for Advanced Standing.