Dairy Goat Academy, Nov. 3 & 4

Southwest Tech Dairy Goat Academy

The Dairy Goat Academy is an annual two-day event that will provide break-out sessions, farm tours, and hands-on training relevant to commercial dairy goat operations today. Plan to attend one or both days to fine tune your farm management skills and network with industry experts and leaders.

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Day 1: SWTC Dairy Goat Academy Schedule
8:00 AM Registration
9:00 AM Wecome to Keynote Presentation: Goat Industry Worldwide
10:00 AM AI Course-MVZ
Jose Oliveros and Barry Mitling

Maximum seats available - 25
FSA Programming
FSA Staff
Organic and Non GMO Q and A
Stock Selection
Dan Considine
11:00 AM Learning True Cost of Production
Larry Tranel
Selling your Farm/Herd
Joy Kirkpatrick
ADGA Programs for Commercial Herds
Dan Considine
12:00 PM Lunch Sponsored by Montchevre
1:00 PM AI Course Chester High Farm Tour

(Limited seats available, sign up when you register on site.)
Stock Selection
Dan Considine
Social Media and Ag: How to Make it Work for You
Betsy Tollefson
2:00 PM Dairy Goat Genetics
Mariana Marques de Almeida
3:00 PM Vendor Fair/Cheese Social
4:00 PM Selling your Goats
John Kammes
Licensing and Selling Your Products
Day 2: SWTC Dairy Goat Academy Schedule
8:00 AM Registration
9:00 AM AI Course Cheese Making 101
Anne Topham
Milk Testing
Dr. Tera Montgomery
Selecting Forages
Morgan Allen
10:00 AM Selecting Forages
Moragen Allen
Common Goat Diseases
Dr. Vicky Lauer
11:00 AM Common Goat Diseases
Dr. Vicky Lauer
Business Planning
SWTC Farm Business Staff
Selecting Milk Replacer
Morgan Allen
12:00 PM Lunch: trends and Needs in the Dairy Industry
1:00 PM AI Course Diamond Grove Goat Dairy Aron Cooley Farm Tour
(Limited seats available, sign up when you register on site.)
Milk Quality
Jeff Dornink
Financial Record Keeping
SWTC Farm and Business Staff
2:00 PM Goats and the Vet Feed Directive
Vicky Lauer
Facility Planning and Design Process
David Kammel
3:00 PM Alternative Income Panel
Jason Heberlein, Jason Bennet, Cindy Hoehne, Terry Groth
Essential Oil Uses for Goats
Briana Hess

Certificate Information

The Southwest Tech Dairy Goat Herd Management Certificate is a non-degree certificate that includes the following components:

  • 11 online courses
  • A two-day annual Dairy Goat Academy providing hands-on training
  • 120-hour mentorship program

An experienced producer or novice goat farmer can enroll in the certificate to fine tune their farm management skills and gain the knowledge to support a full-time commercial dairy goat operation. A student may choose to take just one course or the whole certificate. The courses average 5 hours in length and can be taken anywhere! The student will gain skills needed to begin, maintain, manage, and profit from a commercial dairy goat operation. The program includes presentations from speakers of expertise offering their knowledge and experiences in the commercial goat industry.

  • Speakers of Expertise offering advice and knowledge
  • Courses completely online
  • Hands on academy and mentorship program

Earn a non-degree certificate in dairy goat herd management to develop your management skills to own and operate a dairy goat operation.

Courses – no application required!

  • Dairy Goat-Introduction to the Industry
  • Dairy Goat-Writing a Business Plan For Your Operation
  • Dairy Goat-Farm Records & Financial Management
  • Dairy Goat-Milking Facilities & Housing
  • Dairy Goat-Kid Management
  • Dairy Goat-Herd Health
  • Dairy Goat-Nutrition
  • Dairy Goat-Genetics & Selection
  • Dairy Goat-Reproduction & Breeding Program
  • Dairy Goat-Production Records & Analysis
  • Dairy Goat-Business Promotion & Marketing

120 Hour On-Farm Mentorship Program

  • 40 Hours - Kidding Season split between 2 farms
  • 10 Hours - Breeding Season
  • 24 Hours - Milking Only
  • 23 Hours - Student Choice
  • 23 Hours - General Chores

Instructor: Clare Heberlein

Clare Heberlein

Clare Heberlein

Dairy Goat Herd Management Coordinator/Instructor

Clare and her husband Jason and their growing family own and operate a commercial dairy goat operation outside of Fennimore, Wisconsin. The Heberleins milk 300 dairy goats in their custom made facilities since 2010. Clare has grown up with the goat industry. She began raising her herd of show Alpine does at nine years old. She still maintains that same show herd of goats and manages the herd health needs of their commercial operation. Clare and Jason have a passion for goats and the industry and can often be found promoting the goat in whatever way possible.

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