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This educational partnership between CESA 3 and Southwest Wisconsin Technical College allows students to earn high school and college credits at a cost of only $150/credit per student.* Southwest Tech’s tuition is about 45% less per year than in-state tuition at a university!

One & Done Laboratory Science Technician

Junior/Senior Year

  • Complete 29 Credits

Junior Year

  • Semester 1: 7 Credits
  • Semester 2: 7 Credits

Senior Year

  • Semester 3: 6 Credits
  • Semester 4: 7 Credits
  • Summer: 2 Credits

Then Graduate!

Gear Up

Students can earn up to 18 transferable credits while a junior or senior in high school. The transferability of the course is ultimately up to the receiving institution.

  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Speech
  • Written Communication
  • Economics
  • Statistics

Offered Fall

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Economics
  • Statistics

Offered Spring

  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Speech
  • Written Communication

Spring 2019 Schedule

11-12-14 Nursing

Sophomore Year: Complete foundation courses

11 – Junior Year: Complete SWTC’s Semester I of nursing classes

12 – Senior Year: Complete SWTC’s Semester II of nursing classes

14 – Second year of Nursing program on Southwest Tech campus

Spring 2019 Schedule

Delivery Format

  • Offered to all CESA 3 School Districts in an Academy/Cohort Format
  • Classes are offered at high schools in the following formats:
    • SRTNC (Blue Jeans); synchronous video lecture or recorded video lecture
    • Online (Schoology)
    • Face to face if the student wishes to attend SWTC’s campus
  • The participating high schools will provide a room and room facilitator.

For More Information

CESA 3: Kristin Galle, 608.822.3276,

Southwest Tech: Mary Johannesen, 608.822.2367,

*Credit cost does not include textbooks associated with classes. CNA cost will be at regular tuition/fees.