If you’re an individual in grades 11 & 12 interested in learning more about the American legal system, law enforcement, and corrections, Southwest Tech’s Criminal Justice CollEDGE Up courses may be for you.

These courses are offered in collaboration with many public safety agencies throughout Southwest Wisconsin, including the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. By enrolling in these courses:

  • You will be granted exclusive access to many behind the scenes opportunities that most in the public never to get to experience.
  • You will study the criminal justice system firsthand through many experiential opportunities, including tours, demonstrations and hands-on learning activities.
  • You will explore many different exciting career positions that offer excellent pay, benefits and advancement opportunities.
  • You can earn college credits that can be used toward a Criminal Justice Studies Degree at Southwest Tech.
Semester Course Credits Course Number
Fall Intro to Corrections 3 10-104-119
Fall Intro to Psychology OR Intro to Diversity Studies 3 10-809-198 OR 10-809-172
Spring Intro to Criminal Justice Studies 3 10-504-101
Spring Written Communication 3 10-809-198
Total 12

Criminal Justice Flyer

If you are unable to access documents here, please contact Transcripted Credit (High School) (mjohannesen@swtc.edu, 608.822.2367)